The $452 Trillion Dollar Scandal
Wed Oct 2, 2019 05:25

The CIA has a tendency of changing my titles and my stories -

The Directors of the CIA/FBI/NSA are Demons and the truth must be discredited

Since President Trump will not contain these PIGS they are likely to kill both Trump and Putin in the coming months

We will continue to try and save these leaders to stop this Nuclear War - but they are so Arrogant the refuse to even protect those protecting them -

the next step to awaken these Arrogant Leaders is in GOD's hands -

We now call upon Yeshua to petition his father to reach out and take ahold of these World Leaders and wake them up before they end up dead.

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount
Russian Passport aa-029, Duke of St Petersburg
Kt of Malta
Cpt, US Army, IRR

  • The 4452 Trillion Dollar Scandal, The Coup & YouWilliam Mount, Wed Oct 2 05:19
    For the last 40 years there has been a huge transfer of wealth form WE THE PEOPLE to THEM THE ELITES all 20,000 of them. These numbers are so big - so incredibly large it's hard to think about. Are... more
    • The $452 Trillion Dollar Scandal — William Mount, Wed Oct 2 05:25
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