"Contact Take You February. We're Foreigning You Fellas Basi
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"Contact Take You February. We're Foreigning You Fellas Basically," Judee say.

Are we seeing that Judah brimstone nuclear waste warfighting scientists are giving February as when the rapture will begin when God will have His angels take the righteous off of the surface of the earth as it undergoes the mass die-off of Americans and Europeans and many others?

And what can be done to prevent the decimation of Americans and Europeans and others in this nuclear waste war the Jews are successfully waging against us? Easy, what is easier than to stop funding the war against us? Sounds easy but it will require a general strike by American labor to accomplish it. Will American labor give us a general strike to take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews to stop their genocide against us?

Those troubling computer simulations from the experts at the Galactic Federation of Light who prophesized at the time of Jesus the Jews would succeed in dying billions of us off using brimstone to get us died out of existence.

And from the Federations database of 87 million years the computer simulation experts have called it correct 79% of the time. The odds are against us, we and our children are set to be destroyed in a nuclear waste war by the Jews and their collaborators.

The UFO that hovered over the brimstone generating Jewish electricity plant at Indian Head nuclear station in New York in 1984. Are we understanding our extraterrestrial elders were informing us of the plan to shoot New York city with that dirty bomb brimstone generator?

Indian Point nuclear reactor
Date: June 24, 1984
Location: Indian Point Nuclear Plant, USA
Appearance: Triangle, 450 feet
Classification: CE 2
Sources: Book "Night Siege"; Philip Imbrogno; CUFOS; NICAP
Summary: UFO hovered over an active nuclear reactor

Security guards at the Indian Point nuclear power plant (near Peekskill, New York) claim that a UFO hovered over an active nuclear reactor, coming as close to the reactor dome as thirty feet (10 m). The guards said the UFO was 450 feet (150 m) long and hovered over the plant for 15 minutes. It was first white, then changed to blue to red to green to amber in color.
According to one of the guards, the lights on the UFO were at least 10 times as bright as the plant's security lights. "I could walk and keep up with it, so it must have been going at slower than 5 to 10 miles per hour. It took a long time to pass over us, maybe 5 minutes. All this time, you could see the structure behind it."
Local police in Peekskill received numerous UFO sighting reports during the same evening. One of them, Sgt. Karl Hoffman, said the UFO he observed included a "dozen white lights" in V-formation that slowly moved towards the power plant at Indian Point.
The plant's security systems shut down as did all of its alarm systems and communication systems.
The security supervisor even considered ordering guards to shoot the UFO down.
Carl Patrick, a spokeman for NYPA, operator of Unit 3, confirmed the sightings.

Can we only wonder what our extraterrestrial elders were MARKING that atomic dirty bomb Jewish electricity brimstone generator in 1984 for? At that time might the Jews have set up the plot to crash that Jewish electricity dirty bomb in the last days of the Jews holding the issue of money with the intent to poison out New York City?

And what do we have but 33 years later, in 2017, that dirty bomb drops offline unexpectedly?

Indian Point reactor shuts down unexpectedly, NRC investigating
Thomas C. Zambito, tzambito@lohud.comPublished 1:32 p.m. ET Nov. 6, 2017 | Updated 3:57 p.m. ET Nov. 6, 2017
Yonkers Football Friday Night LightsJohn Meore
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(Photo: Peter Carr/The Journal News)
Last week, the NRC cited Indian Point for not doing more to resolve water leaks in reactors
No safety concerns were identified after the Friday night shutdown
BUCHANAN - One of Indian Point’s two nuclear reactors shut down unexpectedly Friday night and remains down while workers try to assess what went wrong.
Indian Point officials notified the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission around 8:30 p.m. Friday that Unit 3 automatically shut down after a loss of power in a generator.
An NRC investigator arrived at the site shortly afterward to observe shutdown efforts.
SHUTDOWN: Indian Point 2 reactor back online after shutdown
INDIAN POINT: Faulty bolts discovered at Indian Point nuclear power plant
LEAKS: Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Indian Point must resolve leak issue in reactors
“No immediate safety concerns were identified,” said NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan. “NRC staff will continue to follow any repair activities at the plant, as well as planning for restart of the unit.”

This aerial view of the Indian Point nuclear power station, taken from about 1000 feet above the ground, looks east from the Hudson River. (Photo: Spencer Ainsley)

Jerry Nappi, a spokesman for Indian Point owner Entergy, said the shutdown went safely and that no radiation was released.

“All equipment operated as expected following the shutdown,” Nappi said. “Engineers are troubleshooting an issue with the electrical generator system to determine the exact cause of the shutdown.”

It was unclear when Unit 3 will be up and running. The plant’s second reactor, Unit 2, remains at 100 percent power.

Have those of us who have been monitoring the nuclear waste war the Jews are successfully waging against us noticed the over 40 atomic dirty bombs disguised as Jewish electricity plants that have been tripped offline in the last few years by Mercury preventing more Hitachi-GE dirty bombs poisoning us out here?

Nuclear waste stranded at Indian Point as feds search for permanent solution
Thomas C. Zambito, tzambito@lohud.comPublished 6:00 a.m. ET Oct. 11, 2017


Indian Point's fuel problem
At Indian Point, some 1,100 spent fuel assemblies are already stored in 34 cement casks on a cement pad on site and more will be added in the years to come after they are cooled in pools located next to the plant's two reactors.


Once at Yucca Mountain, a 150,000-acre site where the average annual precipitation is seven inches, tens of thousands of metric tons of spent nuclear fuel would be entombed in underground tunnels so that decaying radioactive isotopes could cool down over the course of thousands of years.

The Government Accountability Office says the nation’s inventory of spent nuclear fuel is growing by 2,200 metric tons a year and is expected to total nearly 140,000 metric tons by 2067.

The federal government has already paid out more than $6 billion to compensate the owners of commercial reactors for reneging on a promise to take their waste by 1998. That figure is expected to grow by another $25 billion. In March, the state of Texas sued the DOE to force the agency to live up to its promise to open Yucca.

“I know for an absolute certainty taxpayers are already on the hook at this point for tens of billions of dollars over the next century, but this is a 10,000-year problem in need of a low-cost, safe solution,” Issa said at last month’s House hearing.

The NRC, which regulates civilian use of radioactive materials, works closely with the Department of Transportation to coordinate a plan for the safe transport of spent fuel. It requires that casks be constructed with walls of steel and shielding materials five to 15 inches thick and be able to survive tests involving impact, puncture, fire and submersion in water. Rail containers can weigh as much as 150 tons and can carry up to 20 tons of spent fuel.

“All it takes is one terrorist with a TOW (anti-tank) missile obtained on the black market to take out a truck carrying this deadly substance, and we get Chernobyl in our backyard,” Goodman told the Los Angeles Times in February 2002. “This is the stuff of our worst nightmares.”

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, D-Ossining, is drafting a bill that would allow towns to classify spent fuel rods as real property for taxing purposes.

Will American workers not get involved to help us survive this last nuclear war the Jews will ever wage against us? The nuclear waste war that has set us to be destroyed in our DNA so we stay gone this time. Will American workers not help us survive our passing out of life form?

Tribute to Ellen Crystall, Ph.D.,

Although the Pine Bush area hosted UFO activity as far back as at least the 1950s, it was Ellen Crystall who put the town on the map as a UFO hotspot. In early 1980 she journeyed from her North New Jersey home to meet Omni writer Harry Lebelson in the fields adjacent to the town of Pine Bush to investigate a couple’s claims of nightly UFO activity, and thus began her adventure that resulted in, among other things, the book Silent Invasion, published in 1991.

Her book is fantastic in the true sense of the word; it contains descriptions of her experiences that makes the Pine Bush area out to be a wonderland of the elusive UFO phenomenon, a Disneyland of paranormal activity. She talked about repeatedly observing in very close proximity unconventional crafts flying in remarkable manners, landing in fields, and seemingly defying physics time and again. She also claimed to have taken hundreds of photos of this activity, repeatedly documenting what previously has only fleetingly been able to be caught on film.

Tragically, Ellen developed pancreatic cancer during 1999 and fought the disease vigorously for more than two and a half years, never giving up hope that she could overcome it. Many from the Pine Bush UFO community contacted her during her battle, and found that despite being in great pain she still displayed her confident personality and unique outlook. She sadly succumbed to the disease December 16, 2002. She was 52 years old.

Those like Ellen Crystal that step forward to help us, do we see how they get removed by weap Judah? Judah gave Bitch pancreatic cancer with only one drive-through meal in 2000. Thankfully elders cured him. Here is a link reporting about it:


In her book, "Silent Invasion" Ellen tells of a Jewish cemetery that had UFOs hovering overhead and lights seen in the Jewish graveyard so the Jews closed the graveyard to the public. Our elders marking a Jewish graveyard 40 miles from New York City. If we connect the dots might we see a picture of our extermination in a nuclear war as the Jews have decided for us?

Might those New York Jews in their graves have spent their entire life working away diligently to destroy the rest of us using nuclear blast and waste to get us dead and gone?

That the nuclear warfighting Jews and their Berlin genocidal nuclear warfighting collaborators have already sterilized our little children and have set them for lives of sickness from radioactive waste is there not some way to convince workers to listen to God and hear His plea: "I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin?"

Will workers not hear the love of our good God and end the fear of the errant life form, the deadly hate-filled genocidal Jews and give us a STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from the Geneva Jews?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked American workers.

After getting caught red-handed attacking us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with thermonuclear missiles to exterminate us all much chance the Jews will ever again issue our money once American workers take it away from them this time?

The building of a Trojan horse atomic dirty bomb 38 miles upwind of New York City disguised as a Jewish electricity plant. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to God for having His angels trip that dirty bomb offline in 2017 preventing the Jews from giving us Hitachi-GE on steroids at Indian Head Jewish electricity plant?

Are we noticing the Jews are set to blow the hot nuclear waste rods that are stored at Hitachi-GE? Are we understanding that was the plan for Indian Head, to blow the plant and the hot radioactive rods that are stored there to wipe out New York City?

God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven above. Is there some understanding God is the only reason that we are not all gone already?

Weap Judah who allowed himself to get caught red-handed attempting to extinct our brand with his Berlin industrial strength investment grade nuclear warfighting hobbyist partners in mortal sin. The illegal genocide in the Federation. Will American workers not try to reach the consciousness to close these errant guys out fair with A STRIKE?

And simultaneously as weap Judah gases us out with brimstone waste, his hybrid transplant look alike Replicon shell gets convicted of murder in a Dallas courtroom. And so is that it, case closed?

With our grand juries in, not to prosecute, instead of for learning the truth might there be more to the death of Botham Jean? And if there is, what might there be and how might it help us then?

The nuclear war that is brewing in Jewish controlled India. The suicide bombing that killed 40 paramilitary guys. The mention of insurance in reverse facial speech concerning that attack. Where might we guess the insurance aspect came from? London? Zurich?

And the mention in reverse facial speech of insurance in the murder of Botham. Where might we guess the insurance aspect came from? London? Zurich?

As Botham was planning on politically helping his family in the island where he was born, St. Lucia, and it is ruled by London, might we look into the insurance aspect to see what was behind his being stolen away?

Do some recall that Bitch pulled from the reverse facial speech that the Jewish hybrid Replicon transplants, Castro brothers of Cuba had an Iowa police department doing opps for them? Do some recall that cost Bitch over $300 to get the back window in his van replaced after they broke it out for publishing the facts?

Might we surmise the murder of Botham Jean was an international contract put on his life and worked through the local Jew officials?

Bitch pulled from RS that Dallas police did not initiate but did authorize the assassination of Botham. Ahead of time, they were aware he was to be shot to death. Will American workers not put our grand juries in so that we can root out this murderous Jewish style corruption in our midst?

By grand juries properly investigating the murder of Botham might we help our family in India that is tied to the Jews war machine that is triggering war in South Asia?

Might the same insurance carriers that paid out claims on Botham's murder also have paid out claims on the Indian paramilitary people who died in that suicide attack? Will workers not help us get to the bottom of why our world is filled with murder? Will American workers not open up the books on the insurance sport that is being played on us by the Jews and their investment circle partners?

While only God knows when the rapture is to begin, Judah's insight is it will be in four months, in February. Are we understanding that is when we will be sealed permanently out of life form due to radiation sickness?

Tele receives:

"A lucid foul horse died. 5.08 pm


Wastebasket portions.

Score. 5.54 pm

Lead us, it's obvious we're being destroyed here Patrick.

Terrible they got the guys afraid. 6.32 pm

Continues at

You love me.

They use us to harm our brothers

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