"They're Wiping Us Out Peacefully, They Hold Us Shot. The Ge
Thu Oct 3, 2019 07:52

"They're Wiping Us Out Peacefully, They Hold Us Shot. The Gentlemen Establish Lifeless Because Fear Made Us."

Must we not show resistance as they perish us in nuclear war as they flee to their well-prepared undergrounds to die out for making war upon the children of God on earth? Must we not end our fail of holding in the opposite Jews? Must we not end remaining frozen in the face of our passing out of life form?

It appears to be several things that keep us holding the genocidal Jews in to destroy us.

The 1st, many Americans remain convinced by Jew lies and Bitch crazy talk that Bitch has harmed people out here. He hasn't but what people are led to believe is what counts and not what is actually true or not. Judah, with his rare, has some people convinced that Bitch has harmed people even though it is all a fairy tale.

The 2nd is the image of pooch that is holding our rational thinking caps to destroying ourselves and our children. Might we say it is a 'pure' mental hold of mild people?

The staged diaper opp, the grasshopper tricky Judee set Bitch for. Those videos that hold people from helping themselves when it is obvious we are being put to a mass die. Must we not get to Judah big head mature side to help ourselves to be free of the Jews' violent cipher?

And then we have Bitch insult of 7 and a half years ago. That didn't help at all, did it?

Judah with his focusing on sports. His focusing on things that are aimed to keep our thinking from seeing and acting against what they are doing to us and our kids. Must we not reject being spectators and instead get involved with what is actually happening to us?

And alcohol that Judah tells us is his big secret weapon of them all. The chemical that the Jews use to block critical thinking. The critical thinking that will save our lives. 80% of the mild people drinking considering it is a harmless pleasure instead of the deadly chemical warfare agent it is being used for now in the end times.

Might we consider it is fear that is at the root of the 2% Jews to hold the mass of the American labor force to silently be destroyed now? The threat of loss of income for tangling with the Jews. Once they lose the concession to issue our money are we seeing there will be no more threats of loss of income from the Jews or any other threats from them ever again?

GM going on strike that helps the Jews transfer more of the manufacturing offshore and out of the United States. Are we seeing only if labor issues our money will workers ever have any say in the economic circumstances we live in?

The root of it all, who issues our money. When all labor act and strike and take the concession to issue our money away from the abusive genocidal Jews might the GM strike be over in a day then? Certainly, it will. So when will all labor join in and close out the abusive Jews from issuing our money?

Must it not be before they have completely destroyed us and our kids?

I spent some time yesterday reading The Enhanced Case for the UFO by Morris Jessup. These sentences caught Bitch attention of one to the reasons why the genocidal Jews sought to put Morris out. Here is Morris speculating about extraterrestrial Beings who may live on our moon and in that description he leads us to how we lack the capacity for rational restraint to resist the building of atomic weapons:

On the moon..."Having less gravitation to cope with, it would have been easier for the Selenian moon dwellers to have developed a device for getting off their small planet and beyond the control of its gravitation. If at the same time they developed, as we appear to be doing, vast destructive powers without the capacity for rational restraint, they may have caused uncontrollable explosions on the moon’s surface. Such explosions may have caused some of the still unexplained great crater rays or splashes which stretch almost entirely across the face of the moon."

Might we look at where Morris sees the danger of atomic bombs that the Jews have mined our planet?

"If at the same time they developed, as we appear to be doing, vast destructive powers without the capacity for rational restraint, they may have caused uncontrollable explosions on the moon’s surface."

"Vast destructive powers without the capacity for rational restraint,"

If Morris were with us today might he instead of describing the irrational acts of our purported leadership, "Vast destructive powers without the capacity for rational restraint," instead speak of, "the insanity of the atomic arms build-up that is sure to lead to the mass extermination of the human race on the surface of the earth?"

The lack of capacity for rational thinking of the Jews that led them to offend our good God Almighty and with it throwing themselves out of management forevermore on the surface of our planet.

Must we not act on the thousands of warnings from God Almighty to stop the war?

If only John, Martin, Harold, Bobby or Malcolm were speaking now might workers have taken the angels' advice to, "get smart" and have already acted to stop the war?

Will, we not keep praying that mild people will overcome the hurdles and end the genocide threat of the Jews to us? Will, we not reject the Jews taking our rights away from us and put our rights in once again?

"Marshmallows I toast," Judee say.

Our good God so Almighty that he didn't throw the irrational Jews out. He let the irrational Jews throw themselves out. How is that for Almighty?

The Jews in Geneva who have their guy in North Korea shooting missiles into the sea of Japan. Are we aware that is all mental hold the Jews use to freeze the American viewer? Might we understand that the day that American labor takes our free cash away from Geneva those missiles will no longer be flying?

Is there some understanding that American workers are financing all of the hobgoblins the Jews are using to threaten us with?

Will workers not take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews with a STRIKE and end the hobgoblins they use to freeze us up?

Irrational, unreasonable murderous psyches that only want to destroy our lives. Will American workers not try the STRIKE to prevent us from passing out of life form for holding in the errant life form that God wants off of His village on earth?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God said.

Our good God Almighty who has spared our lives even though we are funding death and destruction in the wars the Jews have forced on us to hold us here. Will workers not hear the love of our good God Almighty and bring us to His bountiful house of love and peace?

"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honour me, the more I will bless you." The statue of the infant of Prague said to the priest in 1637

382 years ago that the statue of the infant of Prague spoke to the priest in Czechoslovakia. Are we perceiving that was an extraterrestrial communication to us from the Galactic Federation of light?

The Galactic Federation of light that has Sir Casper and His diligent, vigilant Martians standing guard over us preventing nuclear warheads from exploding overhead as the Jews plotted for our end. Will American workers not stop the nuclear waste war that the deadly Jews are scoring upon us and our children?

The odds stacked against us. Our weaknesses, lack of knowledge, alcohol, plus Bitch fault that caused him to insult the mild people. Bitch going against the rare life form Jew that only appears about once every million years. The Federation computer simulation that has been accurate 79 % of the time that predicted at the time of Jesus Christ that the Jews would destroy a third of the human race on the surface our earth as the Jews leave our race to die off in tunnel death and in disgrace.

The problem here? Are we seeing by holding their disgrace of war in their opposite will die us too? Our good God Almighty who will weep as we die cancerous from inhaling the thugs waste from Hitachi-GE. Must we not end the Jews force here with a STRIKE?

One Jew Fornian shell said yesterday in RS on the local news that they were "stupid to make the Europeans fight."

Bitch just was searching his notes and found exactly what the Fornian Jew said about Europeans. Here it is:

"I psyche you opps, to kill the Europeans we were really stupid."

Here is another RS concerning what they think of killing the Europeans:

"Krakow is part of my joke-a-tics."

We American and European workers funding the fighting in our world. Once we cease supporting war are we seeing the Jews will be no more? For those who pray will we not keep praying that the American workers will strike them out?

February, the month that the Jews predict the rapture will begin because they will have us permanently sealed out of life due to the high background radiation they have put in from Hitachi-GE. February, the month that Bitch will be 72 years of age.

He didn't complain or balk at going at 63 when he breathed in the library ricin. Nice way to go really. Lying comfortably in your bed in the middle of the night and lightning strikes without any pain and you're dead.

Bitchie asked for some help to grand jury the library staff that let Germany's genocidal industrialists install the ricin burner in the ventilation shaft. No luck on that one.

Bitchie also asked workers for a grand jury to help find out who authorized the Jews to wire up a Conestoga wagon to the ceiling of the state museum to fall on Bitchie's head. No help from labor on that one either.

Labor of all parties, might we figure the ricin burner and the Conestoga wagon were put in operation to take labor activists out first? Certainly. Where have the Jews waged the most vigorous war except against the men and women of labor?

Watched a video clip of former President John Kennedy giving a speech at an AFL-CIO convention and John said in reverse facial speech to the workers assembled there :

"A scientist will blow my brains for suppen' you."

John, who had an aim to use high technology to advance workers' ability and in the process produce more wealth so it was easier for workers to get a better wage. John's wish to give workers a big seat at the supper table and for doing that his subconscious told him a scientist would blow his brains for helping the workers the way that he planned to.

Are we seeing how that plan of John's to use advanced technology to raise workers' wages ran opposite to the plan the Jews have to lower the wages of American workers? Might we surmise that the GM strike is calculated to push manufacturing farther away from America's shores and with it to reduce American wages across all sectors of labor?

Will all workers try to see our strength is if all workers organize together and start the First Bank of Labor and end funding the Jews private, secret issue piggy bank in Geneva?

Before he was assassinated in 1869, labor leader William Sylvis who helped us right and advised us to act upon the most significant thing that workers need, to have a seat at the table where our workers' money is issued.

And now our good God Almighty who has expressed His will, that we not merely have a seat where our money is issued from as William advised, but to hold the table that issues our money in the open and public hands of labor.

The working man, labor leader William Sylvis, an exceptionally intelligent guy that put his head to help his fellow workers. William's reward for helping the ordinary people? To be turned into a "life span impaired individual" as Judah likes to say.

And then in 2011, 142 years after William's passing our good God Almighty wills that we carry out assassinated Williams plan to issue our money. And now at 150 years after William's assassination, 8 years after God expressed His will that labor issue our money, we have the last chance to set ourselves right before we are perished out of life form by the Jews who still fund their Geneva fight bank with free money from American labor.

Is it not really too astounding to consider that American workers are forced to fund a private foreign corporation, the Jews private piggy bank in Geneva Switzerland that goes by the name of the Federal Reserve bank?

That this has gone on for 116-years since congress, the executive and judicial foisted such a plan upon the workers of American labor, should there not be an awakening to the fraud of the Jews and their industrial-strength investment grade nuclear war-fighting collaborators here?

The nuclear warfighting corporations that have pressed the genocide button as far as they can that brought our good God Almighty to send His angels in to save our lives

Will American workers not give us a hand to grand jury these deadly murderous genocide threatening corporations right?

The bribes they give to police to stop and ticket us to get us in front of their benches. Will workers, not end funding the menace and continuing threats we face from the Jews in our land?

Our children already forced out of reproduction due to inhaling and living in the high background radiation from Hitachi-GE. But it won't matter in only 4 more months now because we and our children will sicken out over a few years if we don't stop them before then.

The mercy of our good God Almighty who had His angels prevent our being destroyed by the Jews well planned and lavishly financed nuclear blast war in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

Will we not pray that Americans workers have mercy, get smart and stop the war before we are no more?

"The Druid is not dutiful. The Druid has ever failed to save himself. You always let me take your rights away from you. White children have no receipts so we have them beat you up. We always pulverize a chicken, Judee say.

All obvious and yet Bitch has failed in his personal life and so we go over the edge and out of life now. Bitch just heard from elder sister above:

"You failed personal life, it tear us so." 5.34 am

The tears our elders are shedding now as the mild people of the north, both East and West are now going out of life form due to holding the opposite Jew fist crowd in. The genocide that the Jews are perpetrating worldwide and inside of America too. The genocide we fund that is our sin but personally failed Bitch has not been able to overcome the personal fail and the lies that have been put on him by the Jews.

The numerous UFOs that have appeared that observers described as looking like teardrops falling from one's eyes.

And yet, the Federation predicted that 200 million Americans as part of the third of the human race would perish when it was time for the beast to leave us.

Revelation 9:16 The number of the armies of the horsemen was two hundred million; I heard the number of them.

The American armies that the Jews direct using the force of 200 million Americans who are about to be died off as the Jews lose their armies as the mild people sicken and die out of life form now with the Jews.

Bitch is not running for office so what does it matter what is his personal life? Might it matter as it is how the Jews always win, not on the facts but on falsing the opposition with lies?

The incredible, amazing ability of the Jews to hold ordinary people's minds. "Rare," is what our extraterrestrial elders said about the mind control the Jews have over ordinary people on earth. But what might explain such complete control over the minds of Americans? How about this interesting example of how they fool our wits?

Last night while watching local news, at the top of the hour a video was shown claiming a police officer had been assaulted in downtown Des Moines.

The news crews were on the scene, a stocky red-haired guy was handcuffed and sitting on the ground. Then Bitch pulled this from the red-haired guy's reverse facial speech:

"This was for Baptists here." What might that mean?

Then the broadcaster came on and said this in RS:

Continues at

"This came out of Ohio."

The Baptists, where the Rockefellers opp from. Ohio, a big player

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