"They Make Us Industrially Here. They've Seriously Flushed U
Fri Oct 4, 2019 10:58

"They Make Us Industrially Here. They've Seriously Flushed Us Out of Here."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives sharing with us the truth of what has happened to us here. Flushed out in a way that we are set to disappear unless we turn to God to save us now from what has happened to us here.

Flushed out of existence with our children due to inhaling the industrial waste of Jewish electricity. Who would ever imagine burning a metal, uranium, that produces invisible particles that burn us from the inside out? The Jews thought of it as a way to die our species out.

Bitch read a reverse facial speech yesterday from one in the know that said our nation is near to bankruptcy now. The unending death and destruction of war for the Jews investment sport, set now to finish out our structure in America that has let so many of us live richly.

The unending sport of genocide that has now come home to roost inside of the United States of America. Must we not end the failure of war and listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God Almighty to stop the war?

The passing of the mild people now that have left the angels with tears in their eyes as Americans now finish out holding in the war for the Jews.

Only months away from the rapture when God will have His angels pack up his righteous and let the rest of us remain if we choose not to stop the war that God has warned us about thousands of times. "Stranded on a burned-out planet to die." The line from the Star Trek movie "Wrath of Khan."

The high background radiation that has left us more susceptible to bacteria and viruses that come our way. The diminishing of our wit power due to the same high levels of radiation the Jews are subjecting us to.

With our rights in we could get that Jewish atomic dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE shut down in a wink, but we don't have any rights at all because only the Jews are authorized to issue our money.

The most important office of government, the one that issues our money and it is held non-democratically by Jews in Geneva Switzerland. The Jews private piggy bank they have that is filled for free by the labor of American workers.

The STRIKE that will give us a chance to survive. WiIl we not keep praying that it comes alive before Hitachi-GE blows?

Tee receives:

"Pat sees their grisel.

Useless Drewy I ice you out of here.

The white man is a tool of these Jews. 2.37 pm

I'm getting used to you.


You want to come over?

STRIKE THEM OUT, their terrorism will stop.

It's embuzzle rate.

Very tomb. 8.48 pm

Ash is tackling man.

Rights are the most important thing you have to prevent misery.

These are great famous fails from Annapolis.

I warned you police mercy has failed your life forces. 1.28 am

Pat, they make us seriously dead.

They'll Russian tike us here.

The white fist cow they'll do fisty.

They course thee out HUGE!

They're folding out your life forces because they shot fear.

Homeless theory will get you false.

They raped us out of fieldness here.

You died too fisty through strail war.

Rape you off misfit financial.

Tenant vision holds you all rights free.

Your rape is a false rate message.

Homeless irritate under Boston.

Their racket is responsible for racketeers.

They exhaust you Muslim.

Super rate them falsing out your dearest life here.

They foul police.

Lightning financial die cost us.

A STRIKE will run them out of this place.

A tyranny must skin, mass degrade, rape us out of here.

Your wisdom capped Jew hike us.

With a racial war they obviously toss you out of here.

They nest egg right criminal.

My genius electricity goose age is folding up.

Horribly he de-exist.

They make us industrially here.

They've seriously flushed us out of here.

Your embezzle freak us.

Liberate yourselves. 3.18 am

I hate you hatcherous.

Thank you. 3.55 am

The STRIKE you won.

Posturepedic strikes you rightful. 4.12 am

Dura-threat. 4.14 AM

Wipe fear, STRIKE THEM OUT! 4.50 am

Pitiful." 5.41 am

Bitch scabbed at Libby foods as a plant engineer when they went on strike in about 1984. Libby, a Nestle company. Do we note in Judah trying to smear Bitch Judah never talks about how Bitch worked as a scab? If Bitch worked as a scab how could he counsel labor in any way?

Might it be by reporting how the union leaders fooled the striking workers at that time?

The strike that sent many of the highly skilled workers to take other jobs instead of staying with the Nestle brand. And when the strike ended, the plant closed shortly after. Do we see how the real plan all along was to close the plant so they had the union bosses put the workers on strike so many would find other jobs so they wouldn't have to pay unemployment and other separation costs?

In that instance might we note there is the issue of who issued the money to the union leaders to put the workers on STRIKE to reduce worker separation costs? Are we seeing in that instance how private bourse from Geneva worked against the workers getting a fair deal when that plant closed?

"Our whole issue is GM falsing."

I just found that reverse facial speech on the evening news. Might there be more to the strike than merely the conditions of workers at GM?

Here is a reverse facial speech on the same evening news from the young lady that is selling a deal on climate change:

"East Germany loves to do my enforcement."

Will American workers not put these deadly errant genocidal Jews out of issuing our money?

Bitch sorry he spite you turkey rub, as one Tele sender described why Bitch effectiveness ceased. How many can we only wonder know that Judee sees us as white cow marshmallows to be toasted?

Still hoping and praying that workers will act before we and our children are totally destroyed by the Jews on workers free cash. Though that some workers are still convinced by the Jews that Bitch is the violent guy and not the Jews, does that seem to be hard to believe? What might explain such rare mental power of the Jews?

Mild people on the edge of being totally extirpated by the Jews and their collaborators, rightless as if we never left the other side of the pond. While Judah calls the police "welfare," are we aware that all public employees are welfare on us?

Is there some comprehension of the nice salaries, guaranteed incomes, an assortment of benefits, retirement packages and other wonderful perks of government employment are due to the American workers that create our wealth?

Will American workers not try to perceive yourselves as the employers here and act to investigate just what it is your employees are doing on your dollars?

Will workers not directly issue your employees' money instead of letting the Jews issue it for you?

God Almighty, our Savior who has given us all a chance to save our physical bodies, our lives. Will, workers not get off of believing the jews lies about Bitch and look at how we are set to be destroyed here now?

The 4 French police stabbed to death by a police manager. Are we not figuring that was Judah sport on Berlin pharmaceuticals? Of course it was. It was "Mersh," as one Judah broadcaster said in reverse facial speech.

MGM GRAND is set to pay out 800 million dollars to those that were injured and to the families of those killed in the sport shooting on the street there in Las Vegas.

Did we notice the 130 French youngsters that were machine-gunned down by the Jews in the dance hall in Paris France in 2015, their families didn't get a nickel of compensation for what they suffered? What might explain the difference between that shooting and mass killing in France that families got nothing and the MGM GRAND paying 800 million dollars to Americans?

Might we understand it is the question of rights?

Though the Jews have done all they can to keep us informed about the sports scores, are we seeing those who focus on the important things as are our rights, can be made good by using the knowledge power found in understanding our rights?

Are simple ordinary everyday working Americans aware that we all have a right to life and can demand that right if only we will act together to take the Jews' right to genocide us out?

The First Bank of labor. Will workers not bring it in? In memory of assassinated labor leader William Sylvis who tried to help us right, might we name it the William Sylvis First Bank of Labor in memory of that good working man's honor?

The shy guys that are set to be pulverized out of existence this time. Will we workers not try to seek the great eternal love of God to save our lives?
While reading more of the Expanding Case For the UFO by Morris Jessup last night read of this sighting of extraterrestrials near the Fernald nuclear weapons production facility outside of Cincinnati Ohio:

"The most recent “little men” episode occurred near Greenhills August 25, the same evening when the huge object was seen hovering over Fernald atomic plant. Four teenagers, interviewed by CRIFO, told of their harrowing experience with a little green man, standing by some bushes. All were “certain” as to what they had seen, explain¬ ing that the car’s lights shone directly on the creature. They all agreed that the little man, about three or four feet tall, had large, bright “yellow” eyes, a dark face behind, and a “sort of shimmering green body.” The creature wore an odd garment and they saw a “claw-like”hand. One witness said that the biped took three steps toward the car, but no one waited to see what would happen. The driver of the car. Bill Wallace, 18 years of age, drove away in a state of terror. Without hesitation they informed the police department of their encounter and the area was later investigated, but nothing in the way of evidence was found. Wallace’s mother whom we later interviewed, claimed that her son had never been so frightened. He was shaking when he came home and “locked all the doors.” One of the girls in the group said.

Do we note the Fernald facility that was visited by extraterrestrials in the 1950s was manufacturing the radioactive uranium components for atomic bombs? The Fernald plant covered over 1,000 acres.

From wiki:
The site is permanently unfit for human habitation, according to federal scientists, and "will have to be closely monitored essentially forever."

That we are being showered by atomic waste from the continuously burning dirty bomb shot at Hitachi-GE should we not get involved in closing these dangerous nuclear waste warfighting bunch out?

"Pat, because you make too many oo-wees I keep scrimmaging you right. I've got a louse philosophy. Your whole economy I fist great. The Martian he basically fold our mental. Your manurity let my whole family coup. I work the white python beautiful. You just let us molest purity here," Judee say..

Non-Judah reverse facial speech:

"Try to memorize you have a right sweet."

The right to life that our good God gave us and was made the law of our land in 1791. The right that the Jews have taken out and put in instead the right to murder us and our kids. Will Americans not put our rights in again?


God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Friday, October 4 — Psalm 116:1–7
Ezekiel 10:1–11:15; Hebrews 11:17–28
Lord, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the mighty. 2 Chronicles 14:11 NIV
So, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. 2 Corinthians 12:9
O strong One, you have chosen to come to us—limited, mortal creatures—as one of us. Sometimes we are weak and desperately need your help. Lord, may we also sense that when we are strong, it is because of you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.
10.17 am

"It's fighty Pat. 6.04 am

We poison great. 6.26 am

You're holding truthfully psych.

Cheese has made us sewer fall.

He race us.

Negative. 7.40 am

It's arranged low.

You're sighted.

My aggressive's smart.

Immoral they addict you fair.

He's gladly taking off this weap doll state. 9.42 am

Are you canvanish? 9.44 am

Pat save us, Patrick save us.

Sad. 9.53 am

It's desert left for resource.

You're crushing thieves that homeless us. 10.02 am

Sap-pid post.

It's such a nice poverty." 10.21 am

3.10 pm

Bitch did some food shopping this afternoon and also picked up a 32 GB 3.0 Flash drive for $13.99. It is going to be used to try some other varieties of Linux to see if he can get his cell phone as a hot spot working.

While going to the store, in the store and returning from the store received several Tele receives. So here they are:


Burlection. (Burlesque election?)

It's sold for yosh.

Blogging with intent.

Courtesy felled love us.

Stuffin' they false great.

Slowed up. (Homeless man shopping for food)

You failed your right Ger.

Peak me.

They scold advantage.

From tyranny, you must save us Patrick.

Your coffer died.

Foreign shells inherited eagle.

Rapture falls on a pitch.

It's terrorage.

Patrick, you tossed them out deathly courage.

Let's exist.


They embarrass you abusive. 2.44 pm

They mock democracy." 3.08 pm
"You failed your right Ger."

Bad Gerry out there blowing heads for Geneva, might Bitchie have mixed good Gerry with bad Gerry and in the process failed good Gerry? Should we keep in mind with Father's will for us even for bad Gerry there is no scold or punishment? Are we aware we are done with that earlier phase of our consciousness now?

"They scold advantage."

Please take the authority to issue our money away from them and end their scold of God's kids in our world labor.

While shopping looking around at all that is available to us in nice surroundings and how lucky we are to have so much. Will workers not take the financial away from Geneva so that we can keep what we have got?

Bitch is not a bossy or intentionally rude guy labor, sorry I insulted scolded you's. Might we think of the Tele sender that said, "Too long at the front?"

Or how about what Papa said about Bitch's fault being produced by, "enduring prolonged periods of suffering?"

If workers are hearing Father is there some chance you all might try to "forget about it" and give us our liberating strike?

Bitch has no designs on running labors show here. Is it not certain that labor will do just fine handling the financials for us all? Certainly, labor will do fine handling our cash for us all.

Facebook will bring their Libra money in and might we surmise it will boost our economy enormously? Yes, that 's what it looks like. But are we understanding workers must have a say so in the issue of our money not only Facebook and the Geneva Jews?

The authority to issue money. The absolutely most important office of the government, of our entire society. And who is holding that office other than the irrational, uncompromising and unreasonable animal primitivistic Babylonian Jews that used that office in a most serious attempt to exterminate us in a surprise nuclear blast war?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," our precious sweet Father said to His beautiful simian children on earth. Will workers not end the fright of these big heads that only fight and make war by ending their time in management with a GENERAL STRIKE?

Over the years Bitch has talked with an electronics design company and also several groups of electronics workers and electronic hobbyists. He contacted a seasoned electronic engineer to see if he would help design a velocity circuit board some years ago and when the engineer heard what Bitch was looking to design he told Bitch, "no thanks, I like to go out to dinner often."

And just the other day Bitch heard this:

"You want to come over?"

Bitch thinks it is the electronics engineer who liked to go out to dinner often and he has learned that Judee is no longer as dangerous as he used to be.

Continues at

As soon as labor closes the Jews

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