"Patrick's Angerous Stays Stupid But I can't Push Him Becaus
Sat Oct 5, 2019 06:54

"Patrick's Angerous Stays Stupid But I can't Push Him Because I'm Not A True man."

Patrick's angerous that stays stupid and yet God has His angels hold Patrick in because Patrick is a true man.

All truth no lies.

"We rubbished you kike." 2.24 am

The Jews who rubbished Bitch using lies attached to rumors and made it stick with some of the people. The nuclear war of extermination that the synagogue of Satan is succeeding in destroying us using atomic brimstone waste.

The big question, will the deadly synagogue of Satan get the entire mass of mild people out of life form this time using their atomic dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE? The one disguised as a Jewish electricity plant. Will, we not act and stop the nuclear chain reaction that has been burning at Hitachi-GE since March 11th, of 2011?

Federation estimate of the situation from their computer simulations done at the time of Jesus and again at the time of Abraham Lincoln tell us "no," we will perish massively due to the lethal atmosphere that the synagogue of Satan that is weap Judah, has forced us to breathe now.

Our children already widely sterilized while they are still little kids. A few more months, it won't matter, they will perish out sick in the next few years.

If only Bitch did not have his angerous stupid might he have been useful here? Instead of anger if only he could have had compassion for your circumstance of being raised with a lack of true knowledge of what is going on here. If only he could have handled being punched up and abused better, might he have given you some value here?

If only he was not angry at how you have left this war go on that has taken his life away from him. But he is not that big of a guy. He is a mouse that as the rest of you is being squashed out of life in permanent Jew war.

Mercury elders share early today information with Bitch of the most recent attack that has been launched upon him. They give him a heads up so he can avoid the death that the Jews want to put upon him for revealing to you just how the Jews have destroyed your life form by poisoning out your children's reproduction already.

The Jews hate all people with a special unique and rare hatred for white people. The mild white people now set for the biggest genocide the Jews have ever launched upon white people. The 60 million white people killed in Eastern Europe by the Jews a century ago to be even bigger this time because we bought them the atomic technology to do it to ourselves.

If only Bitch was not a runt and angry with you's for funding the unending assaults upon him. If only he could be a big man and understand that the Jews have fooled your ordinary head for thousands of years. They fooled Bitch's head for most all of his life so what would make him think that they have not fooled your heads?

The difference though, he has not been fooled by nuclear weapons in the private hands of Germany's industry directed by the Jews. He has known at least at the intuitive level that these weapons of genocide were aimed at him and he has acted up continuously to try and get rid of them for decades now.

The Germans the Jews hate about as much as they hate the Irish. Germany has been the cutting edge of technology. The permanent wars the Jews put in Europe to prevent Europeans from living in peace. Germany they have used to foment war throughout the European continent and tricked America into their wars once they privatized to themselves the issue of money.

Germany's historic genocidal collaborators with the foul Jews. The collaborators that Patrick has reported how they have tossed themselves out of here for good with the Jews. Will American workers not let them off right now?

Will we not end funding their destruction of our world now?

If not now, when?

"I died them truthful, "God Almighty of heaven and earth said of the Jews and their industrial-strength investment grade nuclear warfighting collaborators in Germany, England and the US of A.

"Yeah, Patrick helps us." 3.40 am

Patrick, who reported to Americans the continual deceptions of the Jews and their alliance partners, and yet many simple people still believe the lies the Jews spread about Patrick. Will workers not listen to Mercury elders, get smart and stop the war with a STRIKE?

Did Patrick attack Americans in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with enough atomic blast force to destroy our breed of men? NO, he didn't and in fact, for decades he has been trying to get rid of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons, the main reason he served Harold the good for free as a law, information clerk. Looking up the cases in the law library so to help Harold move all of his good programs forward with speed.

My apologies once again, Bitch is a little on the edgy side early today as elders have informed him of another plan to put a physical attack upon him.

This violent thing the Jews have put upon us is so unappealing, will American workers not end funding it for the Jews sport? Will workers not return us to civil process where we have juries and grand juries sort these things out for us?

The true journalists that want to report to us to help us guide ourselves right once again. Will, workers not take the free cash away from the Jews so our real journalists can give us true news?

"He's nothing but a fu----- fool but he better beware." 8.57 pm

That is one of the recordings that Mercury elders played for Bitch to hear last night. And then early today they informed Bitch that motions are in progress to fist Bitch in once again.

Jew different than other conquerors. Once conquered the people pay tribute to the usual conquerer and things move forward to a degree. Not so with Jew conquerers, they play and toy, rape, rob, abuse and molest with the ultimate aim to destroy over time as many of the people as is possible.

Are we understanding it is the genocide the Jews do as to why the Federation let them throw themselves out of here?

The silver bullet they shot themselves with. The wooden stake they drove into their hearts to ensure they will remain dead forevermore now. Will American workers not try to protect yourselves from the Jews who are wiping us out using the money American workers freely give to them?

Bitch has got some negative and it just is not useful here. Sure hope you all figure out this is God's world, Father's village on earth, look around Bitch's negative and try to understand Bitch is doing what he can to inform you that Father loves you and wants you to save yourselves now from the clutches of the Jews that offended Him, the same Jews that are destroying His simian kids.

Has Bitch not revealed the truth of what is going on here? Yes, he has, he's done what he could to let you all in on Judah's secret life.

The unforgiving Jew that wants to wipe out Europeans most of all. He claims it as a right for all of the terrible things that have happened to the Jews in Europe. Today might we understand that the Jew abuses his own cult members all of the time? Sure, the big Jew joins with the indigenous criminals and assaults budget Judee all of the time.


"Jews should rejoice at the fact Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us in the hundreds of years of exile there... and now Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion... Even if we are in a major war with the region's Arabs over the land of Israel, Islam is much better as a gentile culture than Christianity." Rabbi Baruch Efrati 2012

From that statement might, we have some idea of why the Jews put America into war in the Middle East? Are we seeing it was to drive our family from the Middle East to change the culture of Christian Europe?

Will American workers not recognize they are aiming and have in fact changed the culture of our nation from a land with rights into a Zionist tyranny with no rights for anyone?

The over 60 million war refugees from the Jews having Americans shoot war in the Middle East. Are we perceiving at the top of the list of the things that God wills for us is to stop the war on His innocent children on earth?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail," Father asked us.

With only months left before we are sealed out of life is there not some prayer to be said that will bring American workers to try it, the STRIKE?

"Why didn't you try it?" God asked American working men and women. "I would of given you anything," Father said.

"I warned you police mercy has failed your life forces." 1.28 am

Does that not sound like Father speaking gently to us?

The Jews that use guns to threaten and capture a guy so they can use a rope later to hang an honest man. Can we only wonder, could some not be aware of just how dangerous are the Jews on unlimited free American workers' money?

Tele receives:

"Ruin always offends.


They victim us fist.

They seem aggressive.

That's droopable.

It's police arrested. 5.56 pm

He's nothing but a ------- fool but he better beware. 8.57 pm

Tammany now appears in the best place on earth.

I shitty goose financial finances.

Muslim state boring you.

Intimacy butter squash you.

Spices clear delightfully.

They're poisoning Amerco.

Real lifious they clear fish abandon.

They make us seriously helpless.

Falsely larcenous.

A medical traitor.

Illinois will rise us.

Death wrench is putting us away.

They're ous dying us.

Get rid of them.

We rubbished you kike.

Yeah, Patrick helps us. 3.40 am

It's easy. 4.39 am

You're obviously closing with partial fist here. 5.01 am

Minnows lose your field on purity discipline.

With gypsum, I tried to wash you to throttle you off.

Welcome to your rights being failed by holsters.

It's sad you fall die.

Instead of alerting them you declare them useless.


You're dutiful and they still crunch you.

Perishing you off-air rightfully. 5.37 am


Suda fish-free financial.

The chosen are fall end sight beautiful.

Your error's out. 7.07 am

They've left themselves behind. 7.37 am

Patrick, they terrify's us. 7.48 am

I lost my guardianship. 8.06 am

Jeopardy fall us corruptible."8.17 am

Next, are some thoughts from the subconscious of weap Judah revealed in reverse facial speech:

"You suffer me smell because I'm a big turd that make you in. I just form an alliance that wants you out for free. We bust egg with our corporate just to punish you right. We've got more feats. I'm passed for Iowa, he scored me away. The police save me bright spot. East Germany loves to do my enforcement. Jew fall marvelous so I'm off. Pat, your STRIKE on our state will fold-out Wisconsin.

He was being pursued for all of his force and this will stop it. (Father in law purportedly shot son in law by accident)

I challenge you on burrow, that's settled. Our whole GM is general falsing. I boom basically and the Martian he fold our mental.

We had some artificial engagements to embarrass him. I'm a sparrow now since Bitch see me. I'm gonna sep your lungs oxygen right. We want to chihuaseize you out. My dope sin me. Our fate, we're dimly out of here. The white thugs out our pace appin mission. You just let us molest purity here. You truly won. As long as we can keep your verbs fouled with chihuahua we can foul you with war," Judsee say.

Informed non-Judah reverse facial speech:

"New Hampshire fallen dog bushwhack. They waste you out dog chumpedo. You die averages, you just swumped them in. Your volts put Wesley T------- out of time. Their big fumble fall them suicide. Bourse and the Prince is out."

Ephesians 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, (9) not of works, lest anyone should boast. (10) For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Will American workers not try to glimpse the glory and Magnificence of our merciful kind precious sweet Father and stop the war?

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your life," Father said to His simian children that face the prospect of the absolute and utter destruction that is the passion of the Satanic Jews for mild people.

As to how the Satanic lying Jews have rubbished Bitch with false. How about workers keeping in mind what Mercury elder said about Bitch thinking that is based in love?

"You never fiend." And that is a fact. Bitch who howled a lot due to his fault combined with being in such a continual deathly hostile situation that he did not handle smartly, yet when all is said and done will workers try to keep in mind what Father said about His Bitch, "you're a nice boy?"

Papa also said, "You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save your lives," God said.

Years ago Papa said to Bitch, "come see me baby."

The only one to have seen God was Moses. Will workers not put us out of war and into peace so that God can give us what we all need?

"I would have given you anything," God our precious sweet Father said years ago. As we face losing everything including our health and our lives to the Jews' nuclear brimstone waste spite, will workers not put our heads together and let the William Sylvis First Bank of Labor come alive with a general STRIKE?

The authority to issue our money is the be-all and end-all of our material existence in this life. Will workers not put it in your hands so that we can have our American way of life?

No redistribution of anyone's wealth. No tax the rich to get even scheme like the Jews are trying to sell to play grudge against each other. Merely labor issuing our money from now on instead of the degrading imprisoning torturing war-making genocidal Jews.

No new taxes to pay for anything. Our wealth about ready to go right through the roof merely by letting our inventors bring their inventions and innovations to us. Are we seeing labor we will have unlimited new wealth coming in from free energy and so we will no longer be facing Jew deficits as the alibi as to why so many millions of Americans must live out on the streets?

The Jews who want to punish us because they tell us how terrible we have been to them. And yet who's hiring the assaults other than the Jews on free bourse? Will American workers not end the Jews assaults they do with the white python? Is it not certain that's God's existence stipend with something in it for everyone will end the cruelty that is used to create the white python?

"Contact we false you complete to keep you out." Otto Frank said.

Ann Frank's father revealing that the Jews knew about Mercury way back in the second world war. Will American workers not recognize the fact of contact with our extraterrestrial family and end the Jews keeping us out?

"We've never ever toyed or played with you." Beautiful elder sister Juliet told Patrick many years ao. She may have told Patrick that as many as a dozen times to make sure that Patrick got that right. There have been those that have speculated that extraterrestrials have played and toyed with us throughout our history. They have not. Anything they have done has been to help us.

Though sometimes by not understanding how they have chosen to speak to us, meta transiliatory communication, some considered they were toying with us. That is not the case, elders have never played or toyed with us.

We are welcome to now join our extraterrestrial elders in outer space. The rules in our area of the galaxy are only peaceful are allowed off of their home planets.

The hate-filled, spiteful, revenge-seeking punishing murderous genocidal Jews do not rate to make the grade for space cadet school around here. Will workers not close out the Jews' private authority to issue our money and end their disabling and hobbling us?

Continues at

If so must American labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

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