“They Made The Mistake, You’ll Save Us Ultimately Patrick. W
Mon Oct 7, 2019 09:36

“They Made The Mistake, You’ll Save Us Ultimately Patrick. Within weeks evidence is going to reach you that the West is dead," Judee say.

The first is a Tele receive reporting the Jews with making the mistake (June 11, 2011) and following with Patrick being able to ultimately convince workers to save yourselves from the genocidal Jews.

The second sentence is a Judee subconscious thought that showed up in his reverse facial speech revealing within weeks the evidence is going to reach Americans that the West is dead.

And what may be the consequences of the evidence reaching Americans that we have been poisoned out of existence? What are Americans going to do when the evidence reaches us that our children have been destroyed in the brimstone nuclear war the Jews have waged against us from Hitachi-GE going on 9 years now?

The refusal for over 8 and a half years now to put boron into the feed water of that genocidal Jewish dirty bomb disguised as a Jewish electricity plant. The boron that will bring that runaway chain reaction to a halt and end the rain of radioactive waste blowing in the wind of the jet stream that is falling on our heads. The hard rain that is falling on us now that is set to sweep us out of existence. The nuclear war the Jews are successfully waging against us.

Might we figure that when the evidence reaches us in a few weeks it will finally bring American workers to get smart and take the concession to issue our money away from them and shut that dirty bomb Jewish electricity plant down?

Josh Brown who testified at the trial that found Dallas police officer Amber Guyger guilty in the shooting death of Botham Jean. Josh himself shot dead in Dallas.

Might we think of the Jewish strategy to “condition the unconscious?”

Might the murder of Josh Brown tend in the future to condition the peoples unconscious to not want to testify against a Jewish police officer that shot a person dead?

The terrorism that is part of daily life living in a Jewish tyranny state. Tiny Israel is murdering Americans and still using our money to get away with it. Will, we not keep praying for that 30-minute breakthrough that will lead all American workers to STRIKE to take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews?

“I just do weap checks, I have Israelis here to do weap cap.” (President Lyndon Baines Johnson)

That in yesterday’s post a reverse facial speech pulled from a video of LBJ speaking. The Israelis that have been murdering Americans before their tiny nation even began. Will American workers not close them up with a STRIKE?

Over a half-century later with millions slaughtered since Vietnam and the American funded and fought wars for the Jews still roll on. Will Americans not stop the Jews?

The wars in South East Asia the Jews used American workers to fund and fight after they shot JFK out. Will American workers not close the deadly Jews out of holding the most important office of them all, the office that issues our money?

The Jews who do all they can to make it appear that whites are the brand that is oppressing our family in this world. Whites who have no rights and make no decisions because Jews in their Fornian shells occupy every office in this land and control the organizing principle of society privately, the concession to issue our money.

Will whites not take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews so that some of our children will carry on to live in the bountiful peaceful house of our good God?

“I want you to be comfortable,” Father said to His shill Bitch some years ago. And this Bitch found yesterday in the Bible:

John 15:26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send to you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceeds from the Father, he shall testify of me:

God who loves all of His children equally and unconditionally. Are we drawing from those words of God that God wants all of His children to be comfortable?

Will American workers not end the Jewish discomfort of war? Will workers not try to recognize the spirit of truth that God's shill has gifted to everyone?

The Jews tell us that in 3 to 4 months they will have totally wiped the mild people of the north out of existence in both the United States and Europe. The most contaminated lands with radioactive waste on us flowing in from the prevailing Westerly's on the jet stream.

Yet if the evidence reaches us within a few weeks of the West’s nuclear waste demise, will we not still have 2 to 3 months to shut the Israelis out of issuing our money before we are all completely dead? Yes, we will. So does it not seem that American workers will try to end funding the Jewish electricity silent nuclear waste war upon us?

Will we not stop them before there is no chance for our survival?

It seems that way but they tell us that their estimates are they are going to kill us all with our kids because poochie has frozen the workers' heads.

Our good God Almighty who wants the Jews off of His village on earth. Will American workers not organize to get it done?

The weap checks from Geneva that LBJ used to hire Israelis to do his weap cap in the USA and other places for his investments. Must American workers not be involved enough to get the weap checks out of the hands of Geneva and into the hands of American workers?

The authority to issue our American money held in the private hands of the international Jews for 106 years now. Will American workers not end paying tribute to Geneva?

The authority to issue the money of English workers held in the private hands of the Jews since 1694. Will American workers not strike the Jews out and help liberate our family in England too?

The murder of Josh Brown, the terror state the Jews hold in. Might we think of the murders of Dr. Eugene Mallove, Lester Hendershot, Stan Meyer, Tom Ogle, Wilbur Smith, Jon Von Neumann, all researchers who were working to deliver free energy to us?

If only our free energy researchers had not been all shot dead might they have pulled this Jewish electricity waste genocide off of us before the Jews had a chance to install their over 400 dirty bombs in our world?

The surface of our planet set to be perished out using the force of the atom by the genocidal nuclear warfighting Jews. Will American workers not strike them out right now instead of waiting for the evidence of our demise arriving within a few weeks from now?

The nuclear blast war genocide that our good God Almighty had His angels stop rightly. Will American workers not toss the terrorist genocidal Jews out right NOW? Why not get a few weeks head start on closing them out and reducing the nuclear waste kill they have on us all? Why not let God come in right now?

The Jews and the threats they make, don't underrate them for are they not a historical foul? Yes, they are and they have succeeded with genocide near and far.

Will, we not keep praying that American workers have the 30-minute breakthrough and get this loveless turd symbol adoring bunch off of issuing our money?

Nothing funny about them when they are destroying us. A peaceful STRIKE that will end their bossism in our society. Will American workers not AUTHORIZE, ORGANIZE and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Papa’s love that wants to come in. Will American workers not stop the Jews eternal war and genocide and let the love of God flow in on us all?

“I would have given you anything,” Father said to us. And what are we facing other than sterilized children and lives fouled by traitors shooting invisible waste to give us radiation sickness and death?

Rather than "traitors," might that not more correctly read "raiders," for have they ever been with us? No, they have never been with us. They are raiders who have now gotten caught right and fair and are being died off for their weakness, an inability to accommodate others.

Will American workers not try to hear the thousands of timely warnings from God Almighty to stop the war?

The python the Jews created over the last 1,300 years to weap their wars for them. The python that has unknowingly been slipped a meal of radiation. How is that for traitor, treason? Might we say, "raiders?"

Those who serve the Jews who when their usefulness is ended to the Jews, the Jews toss them to silence them. Have we not enough evidence of how the Jews deal with those who no longer serve them that we won’t act and end the relationship with the Jews right now?

Will American workers not try to find the true love of God for us all and bring us to it now?

“My kids, treat them super nice. The prisons have ruined my children, let the fishes roam free. Be kind to the babies of the forest. I want you to be comfortable,” that and more precious sweet Father said to His simian children on planet earth.

38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star is the place called “heaven.” There our precious sweet Father, our sweet Lord, our kind and good God Almighty reigns in the stars. Will workers not bring us fully into the love and protection of our true king, our Sovereign, our Savior, our good God?

“I’m glad you’re from authorized,” the lady shopper said telepathically when she saw Bitch. Authorized by God Almighty to send the message to His simian children on earth that sweet Papa loves us all.

Being authorized at the highest level of existence in our universe, God Almighty, what might explain why Bitch's message to save your lives has not gotten through to bring on a strike to stop the war?

But what about all those people that lost their lives when Judee chased Bitch out of Chicago? Didn't Bitchie shoot all of them?

Bitchie has not shot anyone, period, case closed.

The Jews who have done absolutely all of the shooting, and yet with their ability to fool us now for 1,300 years, making it appear that Bitch is a shooter and he is not. He hasn't shot anyone. Though he did talk quite crazy as he was out of his head expecting to be murdered every day that he has been alive.

The most brutal, deadly, violent, tyranny the Jews have ever foisted upon the people of any nation, and who would believe it is America the land of the free that was created with rights for all inhabitants?

The lying Jews on the bench in 1857 who claimed only Citizens had rights in America. Will workers not close the lying Jews out with a STRIKE and put our American bill of rights into operation again?

"We Waltherize and Bitch wants our opp torpedo out," Judee say.



The new Walther LG400 monotec combines the versatile adjustment possibilities of the KK500 stock with a unique suspension to deliver consistently outstanding performance.

Will American workers not end the Jews Waltherizing us from Berlin?

The high-level angelic Beings that have stepped in to save us here. Will Americans not cast the famous Judee sin of war out with a STRIKE?

Bitch was reading where there is some opinion in England to get rid of the private school system in England. The theory appears to be that the private schools set the kids up to rule the next generation of kids perpetuating the monstrosities that reappear as the government.

Bitchie is not a follower of that theory. Private schools for your kids? His theory is it's your right to have them. So enjoy them.

But what about private schools that train kids in unsocial behaviors such as learning how to trick the simpler kids that don't go to fancy private schools? Bitch still theorizes that is OK, its your right to do as you wish.

So where is Bitch's theory of the correct path? His theory is don't be funding those that train their kids to fool an ordinary lot of other kids. He thinks the focus should be fully on getting hold of the authority to issue our money and not what schools people want to send their children too. In fact such an issue as to where people want to send their kids could tend to be divisive and also drain energy away from the most important thing, who holds the authority to issue our money.

The one thing that will decide if we are completely destroyed or not, who holds the authority to issue our money. Workers or the nuclear warfighting genocidal Jews. Now to be settled in only a few more months of how we will close out the Jews 1,300 years of warfare on us. With a mass die-off of our breed or a strike to get them out first.

"I'm stupid so I die, I shot men badly."

Bitch just found that facial reverse speech in the 6 am news from Japan.

Bitch figure the same thing, he's stupid to insult the people who could end the threat to his existence merely by ending funding the Jews who threaten endless assaults upon Bitch. Do we see how being stupid is not useful because it ends with die?

And we know Bitch's stupid arises from his angerous at having endured prolonged periods of suffering as Father informed us. So why is Father having His angels hold Bitch in whereas Father's angels helped the Jews throw themselves out?

If the Jews are stupid and so they shot badly, and have set themselves to die, what is different from Bitch's stupid that God forgives and forgets about and lets him live?

Might it be that Bitch sees the basis of what harms the human race is violence that is put on us and so Bitch spends his time trying to figure out how to get the violence out, whereas the Jews claim it was violence that made them stupid and so they want to put violence on other guys and gals? The stupid of Bitch that insult versus the stupid of the Jews that destroyed us, our nation and our kids.

Bitch who follows Father's way of forgiveness and mercy versus the Jews who want revenge. The Jews who chose to ignore the words of God for thousands of years and so now God is dying them out of here. Will American workers not end bracing them up, take away the free funding and let them fall right?

We don't deserve the kindness we have received here, we didn't earn it. Will workers not try to perceive the love that Father has shown for us and act so that sweet Father does not have to weep at our dying out now at the hands of the genocidal Jew breed?

The hideous monsters from Babylon, "they went the wrong way and got good at it," as budget Judee says. Will workers not take the organizing principle of society into your safe hands? Are we seeing the amazement, the wonder and glory of our good God Almighty who has let the Jews toss themselves without a fight, all done peacefully?

Tele receives:

"They're all the time falsing debt.

ORGANIZE yourselves. 3.43 pm

These guys are hydra fisting us.

Push you right deal. 6.09 pm

They have jeopardy stalk ways.

They tike hit.

These guys have been giving us nuclear war to hold us down.

Their whole martial defeat us.

Finish them off here, you're really tossing yourself out.

They cow check, help us Patrick.

The kindness you have so detached our die.

Austin discipline is ouchee. 7.25 pm

You could earn me a tear in your eyes.

You're passed plumber flushing.

Your force helps us spiritually here Patrick.

Hitter is making us tigress here.

This genetically modified stuff is tearing us apart.

They're wrong, they know they're wrong and they think it's great you pay them to harsh yourself.

These guys waste us scafulous here.

They're serving us perishables.

Their genus scores you possessive.

Super folds on fail.

You kind of memory rifled it.

The dog is right therapy.

We have got to get our hands whole.

Shrimp is smart at municipals wasting us out.

Jew rights for you are to hold you for free and fist.

They have apps that take out a fortune.

False you have just sheared off yourself.

Screwed hired to fold you dying out big.

Jew fault us ridiculous, save us.

Help us, Patrick. 2.58 am

They made the mistake, you'll save us ultimately Patrick. 3.18 am

I just got to scourge, I just got the itch.

Continues at

An all-out attack on us, please save us, Patrick. 7.21 am

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