"You Learned I'm a Foul Port but the Dog Gave You A True Fal
Tue Oct 8, 2019 09:00

"You Learned I'm a Foul Port but the Dog Gave You A True Fall Until I finish," Judee say.

American workers who have been informed of what the nuclear warfighting Jews have done here but the dog gave the workers a true fall until weap Judah finishes with his last genocide of the mild people of the north.

Though the Hitachi-GE brimstone die will take away many of the rest of our family on earth, are we aware Judah designed his brimstone megadeath to die the mild people most of all? We now 16% of God's children on earth set to be reduced to 2% of the human population on the surface of the earth due to being died off inhaling radioactive waste particles.

Why is such truth not being broadcast on every news channel to wake us to our plight of being wiped out massively? Must workers not end paying for the false of the Jews to us?

The total control of what is called the news. Are we getting some idea of how cunningly the Jews hire all of the sights and sounds plus making up false news stories that have kept us from clearly seeing how they pow us?

The biggest pow they have ever scored, now in-progress using their atomic force. Tom Ogle who built the100 mile per gallon carburetor in the 1970s when he was 19 years old and died at only 24 years of age.

Just yesterday while visiting with friends one told us that his grandfather bought a new truck back in the 1970s equipped with a 454 V-8 engine that got 50 miles per gallon. The dealer sent him a letter to bring it into the dealer for service work and after that, it got 10 miles per gallon.

Bitch has read of similar stories on the net of the exact same thing happening to others. One he read of a fellow who bought a new Cadillac back in the 70s that got 40 miles per gallon and the dealer sent him a recall and after the dealer recall service, it got 14 miles to the gallon.

Stories that seemed almost too fantastic to believe but were true. Big cars and trucks getting 40 and 50 miles per gallon in the 1970s. The car manufacturers saw Tom Ogle's vapor carburetor and built some and installed them into vehicles and then recalled them.

No need for pollution control equipment on them because the exhaust gas was so clean coming out of the tailpipe.

Bitchie heard those high mile per gallon stories back in the 1970s and thought they were false stories made up to fool with our heads. Now today understanding how free energy works, he knows they were true stories, factual, free energy was the reason Tom Ogle's carburetor produced high miles per gallon.

The secret of Tom Ogle's high miles per gallon carburetor? The electro-chemical catalytic reaction in the metal pipe that sent the gas vapors into the engine. The electro-chemical catalytic reaction that drew energy from the high-speed motion of earth into the gas vapor that produced the high miles per gallon and the clean exhaust.

How high of speed is our earth in motion at? If the astronomers are correct, and many think they are, our combined planetary, solar and galactic speed is over 2 million miles per hour.

The driving force found in free energy machines is gifted to us by our constant high speed of travel through the universe. The free energy available 24/7 now until our universe stops spinning. Free energy available on earth, below the surface of earth and in outer space.

The link Bitch put in his post a few days ago that shows a wing nut flipping itself over and reversing direction continuously in the weightlessness of outer space. Here's that link again:

The Bizarre Behavior of Rotating Bodies, Explained








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In the 14.48 video a wing nut is rotated in the weightlessness of outer space and it reverses its position continually. What might explain such an effect?


When it was first observed in a Russian space experiment by cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov it was kept secret for 10 years.

In the video the best intuitive explanation is given of what is producing the curious motion. And a motion was discovered by mathematician Louie Plateaus a century and a half ago that apparently described the motion observed by the experiment of Vladimir in SALYUT 7 in 1985.

"This is old physics," the narrator of that video says when informing us that mathematically the motion observed by Vladimir in 1985 was theorized a century and a half earlier. The question arose if our planet could flip the same way the wing nut does in microgravity


"Intermediate Axis Theory," is the name of the theory that describes what is observed.

The video informs us that our planet is orbiting in its Maximum moment of inertia so the earth is not going to flip over.

Might there be some connection with that observation in the weightlessness of outer space with free energy? That a spinning wing nut is flipping itself over, again and again, even though it is in a microgravity weightlessness frame of reference, might that reveal the fields that permeate our universe?

The 3 standing waves of planet earth that Tesla discovered during a lighting storm in 1911. Might we consider that Vladimir Dzhanibekov discovered a standing wave in outer space in 1985?

If so what might be one significance of that? That there is a field force that can change the rotation of a wingnut in outer space might that same force be able to drive a motor? Seems it should, doesn't it? Yes, it does.

The aether that Aristotle proposed permeated our universe in 350 BC. Might Vladimir's wingnut experiment be a confirmation of Aristotle's theory of the presence of Aether?

Might Vladimir's observations that led to the intermediate axis theory give us the assurance that free energy machines will operate in outer space? Looks that way, doesn't it? Yes, it does.

Can we not keep praying for the strike by American workers so that we can bring in our true golden age as Poland did in 1450 when they had the protection of the grand juries in operation? Free energy plus grand juries to protect everyone. Might we have an even more golden age than Poland had in 1450? Certainly, we will. Might we understand that once workers clear the old order off workers worldwide will bring in a new age that will house clothe and feed all of God's children everywhere on earth?

Our traveling now into the universe as extraterrestrials ourselves. WiIl workers not stop the war so that we can go there in peace?

God gave us peace and has freed His simian children in America and all around the earth. Could it be that His magnificence is so wondrous that His children on earth just do not perceive God's glory that we have been freed from the Jews forever now?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? God asked us.

"Why didn't you try it," God also asked about the STRIKE.

Bodies of Dead Iraqi Kids Test Positive For Radioactive Remnants From US Depleted Uranium Rounds


23:24 20.09.2019
By examining bodies of dead Iraqi children who had congenital birth defects, researchers have proven their conditions were directly related to US bombardment of the country with depleted uranium rounds early in the Iraq War and stores at US bases during the subsequent occupation.
A new study has drawn direct links between the US military’s use of depleted uranium in the Iraq War and congenital birth defects suffered by Iraqi children. Researchers examined the hair and baby teeth of dead Iraqi children near areas of heavy fighting as well as US military bases and found the radioactive element thorium - a telltale sign of uranium of the type used to make depleted uranium rounds.
Depleted uranium is a byproduct of the industrial process used to refine uranium-238 into U-235, which is more suitable for fuel in nuclear power plants. Composed of U-238 that cannot have further U-235 extracted from it, the matter is extremely dense - twice as dense as lead - and when fused with other metals, it makes for a very potent bullet. The US military loves to use “DU” for piercing armor, but also for extra-powerful armor.
Thousands of rounds of DU were used against Iraqi positions during the first year of the Iraq War, which began in early 2003 after the George W. Bush administration, justifying its actions with false intelligence, launched an all-out invasion of the country, arguing that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had a secret weapons program he intended to use against the United States.
“Once a depleted-uranium round strikes its target, the projectile begins to burn on impact, creating tiny particles of radioactive U-238,” Common Dreams explained. “Winds can transport this radioactive dust many miles, potentially contaminating the air that innocent humans breathe. This inhalation may cause lung cancer, kidney damage, cancers of bones and skin, as well as birth defects and chemical poisoning.”
Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, an independent researcher based in Michigan and a co-author of the study, looked at the hair and teeth of children from villages near Talil Air Base south of Baghdad, which US forces occupied during the counterinsurgency war that raged for almost a decade after the invasion as homegrown resistance to the US occupation grew. She found thorium in them, an element produced by the radioactive decay of U-238.
“We are basically seeing a depleted uranium footprint on these children,” Savabieasfahani told TruthOut in an interview. Her study, which will soon be published in the journal Environmental Pollution, found the children near Talil had 28 times the amount of thorium in their bodies as did children in a control group far from the fighting and who weren’t born with congenital disabilities.
According to United Nations estimates, the US fired up to 2,000 metric tons of DU at targets in Iraq in 2003 alone. The US also used the weapon against Iraq in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, and a limited number of rounds were also fired back at US forces by the Iraqi army.
However, that’s not the only source of the element in Iraq: vehicles with DU-reinforced armor were brought into the country by the thousands by the Americans, as well as all sorts of aircraft and ground vehicles that used the rounds and for which the bullets had to be stored at US bases.
TruthOut notes that much of this equipment wound up destroyed on the battlefield or rusting in junkyards across the country, leeching the radioactive chemical into the air and water, as well as into the pieces of metal likely harvested by locals to sell for scrap.
“What we see here, and what we imply with this study, is that we could see this very same scenario around every single US military base in Iraq,” Savabieasfahani said. “The exposure of pregnant mothers to the pollutions of war, including uranium and thorium, irreversibly damages their unborn children.”
Citing Iraqi government statistics, MintPress reported in 2014 that the rate Iraqis contracted cancer skyrocketed in the years after the US invasion, from 40 per 100,000 people per year in 1991 to 800 per 100,000 in 1995, to at least 1,600 per 100,000 in 2005.

The truth of what we have been supporting of firing depleted uranium that the fumes blew into produce genocide of God's children being genetically assaulted while still in the womb.

The truth that we have been supportive of firing depleted uranium that the fumes blew in to produce genocide by children being assaulted while still in the womb. Are there any who would accept that was not known ahead of time before those depleted uranium rounds were used in Iraq and other battlefields that the Jews have used our cash to war on?

To do such an incredibly fiendish thing to our family in Iraq, are we understanding that we must act and end funding the Jews perpetrating genocide against our family around the world?

Might the Jews want us to pretend with them that those fumes from depleted uranium that mutated and destroyed those Iraqi children were an unintended consequence of war rather than the plan from the beginning to use the heavy metal fumes to perpetrate nuclear waste genocide?

Are Americans aware that we are now receiving the very same treatment, death by inhalation of toxic fumes, except for MOX being substituted for depleted uranium, to mutate and die our children off now?

Have the Jews not tried to pretend that Hitachi-GE was an accident rather than a well planned nuclear war attack upon unaware Americans? The honest politician in Japan that came forward despite threats to his life who told us that they knew of the coming Tsunami that flooded Hitachi-GE and they did nothing to prevent the meltdown of the Jewish electricity plant.

Are Americans aware that the Jews have premediated our genocide? The premeditated mass murder of Americans using Jewish NUCLEAR WAR TECHNOLOGY. Will American workers not get with us here and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"We have a dog that let us sight you smoothly, it let us give you cancer," Judee say.

Just pulled that reverse facial speech from a Judah guy in a Japanese shell while watching the 6 am news from Japan. Are mild people becoming aware it is us the Jews worldwide are hoping to cancel out of here using permanent war and nuclear waste?

"We Judas bring in Muslims to take over man," Judee say.

Are we understanding that is why the Jews put the white python on our family in the Middle East, to drive them from their homes into Euro-lands to then wrongly use them? Will American workers not end funding the mayhem and destruction the Jews are hiring here to fail us complete?

God who freed us by letting us see the Jews have attacked us for free with thermonuclear tipped missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Will American workers not respond to God freeing us and help us to close the deadly genocidal nuclear waste warfighting Jews out with a STRIKE?

Why does Bitch call them the nuclear waste warfighting jews instead of just nuclear warfighting jews? Might it be because Bitch knows that Sir Casper has clipped their nuclear warfighting blast wings and the only shot they have with nuclear is their Jewish brimstone generating electricity plant?

Every single one of the people who have tried to help us survive the Jews has been killed or decommissioned one way or the other. Bitch, himself put into the grave many times. And each time pulled out by the angels from Mercury to give it one more try.

The try to convince American workers that you do not have to die now that has so far gone unheeded. And yet, the computer simulations from the experts at the Galactic Federation of Light that predicted the cunning deadly Jews would die the shy guys right when it was the time for the beast to go in.

Continues at

Now only months away from the sealing in of the third of the human race to perish from inhaling radioactive waste from Hitachi-GE. Is there not a prayer to be said that will bring American workers to realize that God has freed us from the Jews and their nuclear war collaborators?

Will Ameri

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