Trump Tells Congress To Stuff It
Wed Oct 9, 2019 05:22

As 1,500 Good FBI Agents descent upon Washington DC To Investigate Congress.....

The President has written the House Democrats a letter stating that since this is not a Formal Impeachment he does not need to comply.

And since we are at war - any charges of treason will be met with:

The Death Penalty.

And - as this Clown Show ramps up in DC the head of the Federal Reserve has once again announced more QE World Wide amid a host of lies he loves to tell.

The QE in the US will exceed $5 Trillion, In Europe Over $10 Trillion over the next year and in other nations perhaps even higher

All of the money is being given to Large Corporations and Banks

More On The Video: (630) President Tells Congress To Get Lost - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


As our political system and financial system prepare for the RESET

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