"Oh My God They've Rescued Us and We've Done Nothing To Save
Wed Oct 9, 2019 08:30

"Oh My God They've Rescued Us and We've Done Nothing To Save Ourselves." 3.19 am

That Tele receive in just minutes ago. And who are "They" that rescued us? Are we figuring it is Casper the Friendly Ghost that the Federation had step in to prevent the nuclear warfighting Jews on free paper from Geneva that bought the best of Berlin's nuclear blast technology that the extraterrestrial forces saved us from?

Yep, that's it. The Jews on free American labor money who used it to imprison and murder us so thoroughly in America that they held us long enough to attack us with nuclear blast weapons to destroy us in their 3 hours shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

And our precious sweet Father, our sweet Lord, and Savior, our kind and good God Almighty who had His angels decline the Jews' destruction of us. God who sent Sir Casper and His diligent, vigilant team of Martians in to spare us extinction of our breed.

"Within weeks evidence is going to reach you that the West is dead," Judee say.

That reverse facial speech found in a Washington politician in the Sunday morning news broadcast. The radioactive waste that has already poisoned our children out of reproducing us. When the evidence comes in within a few weeks that the West is dead might Americans react to that? Might we finally have workers take the authority to issue our money away from the Jews in Geneva? Might there be a situation within weeks for Americans where truth will out?

The Facebook Libra money that is about to arrive. Did some of us notice it is set to be issued from Geneva Switzerland?


Bitch found and posted an article about Senator Cory Booker and Senator Kamala Harris who met with Jussie Smollett shortly before Jussie staged his lynching hate crime attack in Chicago. And what were Cory and Kamala involved with other than introducing anti-lynching law in Washington at that time?

So how do Zuck Swiss Francs fit in the story here? When Bitchie tried to post the link to the article about Cory and Kamala meeting with Jussie to help move their anti-lynching legislation forward, Facebook would not allow him to post the link to the article.

Will American workers not issue our money instead of Geneva?

Might we want protection by issuing our own money so that Facebook cannot censor important stories we need to read to inform us of what the tricksters are up to here?

Advertisers that use the Facebook platform do it freely and so every month Facebook has 6 billion in cash to do with what they want. With that much cash freely available, might Libra Swiss Francs not be easily redeemable? Sure they will. Might we see the redeemability of Libra Swiss Francs is based upon the freely given labor that operates and maintains Facebook's electronic platform that delivers value to the advertisers?

The Federal Reserve Bank is relying upon American workers to gift them from our paychecks to the Jews in Geneva. Do we see how a general STRIKE by American workers will end the value of their Jewish war genocide dollar?

Facebook, blocking vital information about how legislation is cooked up in Washington? Might such a thing not bring us to want to have other issuers of our money than Libra Swiss Francs?

"Our precious life forces have ceased already." 4.19 am

American workers who have ceased our precious life forces already while making war for the genocidal Jews possible. Yet Judah reveals in reverse facial speech that the evidence of our die in the West will be within weeks. Can we not pray that we will strike them out before they die all of our life forces away completely? Instead of mild people being only 2% of the human race on the surface of planet earth in the years ahead might we be a higher percentage than that if only we will strike them out sooner? If we will strike, certainly. Might we act before we are totally crushed out of our life forces due to the genocidal war the Jews are waging against us using radioactive waste? When the evidence arrives of what the Jews have done to us, our children and our future, might we get the 30-minute breakthrough, the strike where labor will get them off of issuing our money?

"I'm trying to fish minimize the Western tutors because they know I'm rude here," Judee say.

The Western tutors that crafted our bill of rights that put into place legal process to hold at bay the usual assortment of cruel, loveless plundering rascals that historically have taken over the governments of our world.

"I'm trying to fish minimize the Western tutors because they know I'm rude here," Judee say.

Will American workers not put our rights in so that we can defend ourselves using the 5th and 7th amendments to our constitution, grand jury, and jury process, and reject the 2nd amendment, the right to own firearms, that the Jews always want us to focus our American rights on?

In a somewhat similar vein, did we notice GM strike negotiations are calling for manufacturing plants to remain in America? Might such an argument be pitting workers against workers? Will workers not get smart and get ahold of the root of what will serve all workers, the authority to issue our money into workers hands? Might such demands be aimed to create divisiveness amongst workers to prevent us from organizing across borders?

"We're solving unity income with this war over you right here."

That was a GM guy that said that in RS while talking about the strike. Can we only wonder how this strike might help the Jews' unity income with this war over us right here? Might we connect some dots with the war overseas and consider it is all part of their strategy to win the war they wage against workers within?

The automaker’s commitment to future products for domestic plants was one of the major impasses that led the union on Sunday to say the talks had “taken a turn for the worse,” according to a person familiar with the negotiations who spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are not public.

Might we figure the person familiar with the negotiations who spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are not public, is a Judah who is serving to pull workers off as much as is possible?

The IWW, International Workers of the World of a century ago that were framed up, falsely charged and imprisoned, tried by master courts then hung. Some labor activist workers kidnapped off the streets by mobs and shot. If they had only survived might instead of arguing about outsourcing work they would have joined together over national boundaries to provide a fair deal to all workers in all lands?

The authority to issue money. Might we understand that is the dividing line between writers that are true or false?

The writers on the net that tell us what is going wrong and who is doing wrong. Yet how many of them encourage the removal of the authority to issue money from Geneva and give it to labor to stop the wrong? Might the only person consistently urging workers to take the authority to issue our money away from the vicious Jews be Bitch?

Could all of those writers that are purportedly informing us actually be on the payroll of the Jews and in reality be disinforming us and keeping us from taking the paper force away from the Jews? And what is the force of the Jews? Is it any other than the authority to issue our money which they do privately and secretly?

JP Morgan who built the Titanic to lure the wealthiest Americans onto it and sink it in 1912 so there would be no big money opposition to JP taking over the authority to issue our money in 1913.

JP Morgan receives one-third of the income tax dollars American workers fork over to the Jews from our paychecks. And what has JP done with the free money from American workers?

Didn't JP buy some wonderful genocide merchandise from the thermonuclear warfighting industrialists at General Electric? Yes JP did buy some wonderful genocide merchandise from General Electric. And did JP not combine with his hybrid transplant Fornian look-alike shells in the Far East at Hitachi to join with New Jersey's General Electric to build some Trojan horse Jewish electricity plants to extinct the human race? Yes JP Morgan did. Are we not breathing that atomic waste in now every day? Yes, we are.

The permanent race wars the Jews put in that make it appear that whites are behind all the tumult and war in our world. Will American workers not stop funding the Jews' sports war and instead help to complete the rescue that our extraterrestrial elders have gifted to us?

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," God our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

Will American workers not let God save our lives? To do so are we understanding we must have enough of the right stuff to stop the war?

"I urge you to give them a right fall for their sin," God Almighty of heaven and earth, our good Sovereign and Savoir said to us here.

Tele receives:

"Life has been forced now, teeny endorsed it.1.38 pm

I bid 4. 7.08 pm

It's battle corrupt.

Your muscle buried your state.

They're striking our family desperately.

You will see the evidence we have been destroyed in a few weeks.

Real harsh animal style they're doing us in.

The housewife he's totally dumping here.

You didn't show up to get to work here.

You've noted foul dropped dead, go with us Patrick, STRIKE THEM OUT!

You're paid.

Such a wide-awake person after them tells all their false.

Destiny fouls you out.

It was easier. 1.58 am

He psych you off this field free London.

They sported Christ lick.

They sported me out of here.

It's a stupid passing, billions Jews throw away.

Cash won, physically exhausted you's.

The unions nuked kindness.

With no candidate, Jew obviously weaped you up.

Their scum egg is done.

They freak us food.

They just harness men Jew.

Bitch intimate sale got you all off.

It's childish stupid and it crippled you right.

They weap abuse so in economy.

When he no longer holds war in because of his martial force peace will come in.

A Disney account will molest rate you.

Jew failed you cancered canceled.

It's hard to believe their pizza gun held you.

Their coring keeps washing us.

They defeat this boy in Des Moines who got them.

He's taken your life forces away, he forces us marvelous.

His whole television programming is squirrel TV.

His whole biology perishes you off of this place mini-mart.

Scare error rated us.

Kids slake us enemy genius.

Juveniles failed to save us, Patrick.

They transport you obviously lunatic free.

They're off the universitic.

Brother Pat got out their bad room.

Despicable brood porting, their genie must go.

The plight of the simple working man they've got reduced.

Oh my God, they've rescued us and we've done nothing to help ourselves.

You lost your life forces easily. 3.44 am

Our precious life forces have ceased already.

He fell fused. 4.48 am

The whites set to decimated rightly by the force of the atom.

White people chase themselves out of here.

You make us wits.

You're going to be fecious with Morgan rain hard.

Wake us here." 5.21 am

"Your muscle buried your state."

The only muscle Bitch has is words that he hopes and prays will end the violence in our world that the Jews have falsed and forced in. The Jews well-falsed Bitch and have smeared him here. Bitch is a strictly peace guy. No force any time on anyone.

"My screwy wits just bore mice horrible. I did my fiend here with my bedroll luscious. Judee enterprise me here klepto with right from cash. I shot you and so Mercury screwed me fine dead. My favorite is to bore you tightwad. I'm a mini force that acts on you. Psychic saw my nice egg and I'm pretty out. They died my Germany fist but I got some Jews coming over from Moscow.

My able jam right pussy, you are odd to me. I just want to fight war. We enterprise the soviet atom to present a white fist. This white boy sharing my speech shows me dumb. We just core you hydra-sin. For my core debt, they gave me a Heisman because I scored highest. I like bourse pushing minnows. My future is with my enforcement and your rights are out of here," Judee say.

"You didn't show up to get to work here."

Sound like the electronics kids that are ready to start building our free energy velocity power supplies for us? Yes, that's who it sounds like. Bitchie can't show up to start to work seriously on velocity though until we have peace in our nation and world.

And some non-Judah reverse facial speech:

"They're past, they died."

Yes, any doubt the nuclear warfighting Jews and their collaborators that tried to extinct us with their well planned and lavishly financed nuclear blast war are passed, they died? Does it seem pretty obvious that the political dialogue is forever changed now?

The truth that is bound to break through any day now. Might the fact that murder always is outed reveal the Jews tried to extinct us with their all-out nuclear missile attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

“Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

The thousands of years of negative thoughts the Jews have put upon the other children of God on earth. The 1,300 years they have managed us with the thoughts of destroying the mild people of the north that has led to their downfall. Will American workers not get involved in trying to preserve our existence which we are being pushed out of by the highly organized and lavishly free funded weap Jews?

“When the Fox hears the Rabbit scream he comes a-runnin', but not to help.”
― Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs

The fox that has pretended to be here to protect us. Will American workers not take the steps needed to prevent us from being completely closed out of life due to radiation sickness? And what steps are needed to preserve our existence? Have we not heard it often enough to know it is to strike them out to stop the war?

“The more you love, the more love you have to give. It's the only feeling we have which is infinite...”
― Christina Westover

To love one another as our good God commands us. Will American workers not show our love by acting to stop the war and let these loveless war-making fails off of here fair?

"For revealing my threat I fouled the professor," Judee say.

Bitch thought a new opp was on him and then he read a reverse facial speech local and found that was false, Judah is totally off his opps in this area for his continuing extermination of us.

Here is a non-Judah reverse facial speech that gives some idea of how the Jews have fouled the professor to keep the mild people from acting to end destroying ourselves:

"Jew said you held the white off all memories."

Bitch found a couple of other similar sentiments that said something to the effect that Bitch previous life is what the Jews used to foul him so the mild people could be held frozen.

That plus the lies the Jews made up about Bitch didn't help him and of course the deathly insult that failed him.

So what's next? Might it be the arrival of the evidence of the death of the West that is close to arriving any day now?

The mental force of the Jews that have held the mild people to making war for the Jews for 1,300 years now. Once mild people perceive the truth from the evidence we are dead might there be a quick removal of the Jews from issuing our money? While that is really hoped for, the troubling computer simulations from the Galactic Federation of Light that is found in our bibles that reveal their projections were, "NO", a third will still die out in control of the Jews who will succeed with their brimstone waste disease on us all.

Continues at

The Federation that has records for 87 million years and their simulations spe

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