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Ed Gilbert
Joe Alexander
Fri Dec 23, 2011 18:14

also believes this was a factor. He believes the Japanese garrison commander was killed by a fluke shell hit on the first day, and that disrupted communications and lack of local initiative foiled any plan for a counterattack.

Numerous Japanese disasters were caused by (1) poor communications coupled with, (2) a love of overly complex plans, (3) and lack of initiative to either seize an opportunity without gaining permission from higher authority, or to call off an obviously doomed attack.

  • Tipping PointPaul Dostie, Fri Dec 23 00:04
    I believe the tipping point was the failure of the Japanese to seize the initiative the first night when the surviving Marines were largely pinned down on the beach with limited supplies. The... more
    • Joe Alexander — Ed Gilbert, Fri Dec 23 18:14
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