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George Proulx
Re: The Tipping Point
Mon Dec 26, 2011 19:05

Mark, You may remember me from several postings as a frequent responder to questions and answers regarding the tanks at Tarawa. I was the original person who located the tanks CANNONBALL and CHARLIE in the overhead photo I posted on this website many years ago. If Jim Hildebrand does not resond in the next couple of days I would be glad to help you on posting your photos.

Regards, George

  • The Tipping Pointmark noah, Fri Dec 23 19:37
    Great Question Col Bale, I think that there is no question that without the LVT and your tanks the battle would have ended up like Dieppe. And the fact that the fighting spirit and skills of the US... more
    • Posting PhotosJim Hildebrand, Tue Jan 3 13:04
      Mark, If you can email high-resolution copies to me, I will be happy to resize and post them for you. -Jim (Thanks for the heads-up George, due to the holidays I'd missed this posting.)
    • Re: The Tipping Point — George Proulx, Mon Dec 26 19:05
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