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ED. Bale
Pappy Aiken and your father
Wed Dec 28, 2011 09:56

Would love to have any and all you can release on both. E mail to Snail mail to 1321 Park Bayou Dr C219, Houston, Texas 77077-1597.

The son contacted me when Pappy was having so much trouble with the VA. Nothing since.


  • Re: Your father and Homer Aikenjack whipple, Tue Dec 27 11:31
    He was pretty much estranged from his family. A hard price, but part of the bargain I suppose when you are a career Marine. The nurse that he was close to at the hospice said a niece would visit... more
    • Pappy Aiken and your father — ED. Bale, Wed Dec 28 09:56
      • Re: Pappy Aiken and your fatherjack whipple, Wed Dec 28 12:47
        Col Bale, after I thought of it for awhile my gut feeling is that it might be more appropriate given your professional relationship with Homer to contact you personally, although the folks who visit... more
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