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William L, Jefferies
Robert Sherrod's book Tarawa
Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:32

Col Bale,
I went to my book rack and picked out one of Robert Sherrod's books, 3rd edition of Tarawa.
In front of the book from John Field, Governor of Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony were these words.

Many waves have washed the ashores of Betio since those fateful 72 hours in November, 1943 desribed here in the eye witness account of Robert Sherrod,first of the Time correspondent sent to cover the war in the Pacific.

As you read these pages, run your finger now and then over the grains of sand remember the bravery of the men whose feet once trod them.

On bottom of page is sand.

Hope I made this plain.

  • Sherrod and AlexandreEd. Bale, Mon Apr 23 11:46
    Jeff I knew Sherrod well. He was a great friend to those of us who served on Tarawa. Alexandere picked up all the wrong "stuff" and printed it as gospel. At a forum in 1991, I challenged him on... more
    • Robert Sherrod's book Tarawa — William L, Jefferies, Tue Apr 24 12:32
      • SandEd, Bale, Tue Apr 24 12:53
        Roger that.
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