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Donna Werner
Pvt. Don Pearson
Sun Jul 3, 2016 22:53

Hello~ My father~ Donald (Don) Pearson fought in Tarawa and was the loader/radio operator in "Clipper" After Clipper was damaged Don was part of the tank crew in "Conga"
My dad never, ever talked about his war experiences. Only now, since the book: "Tanks in Hell" was published have I been able to discover the hell that he and his comrades went through.
I am very anxious to hear any stories or discover any pictures that might feature my father. I've been in touch with another member of his tank crew: Cliff Quine who has been a dear and has given me some information.
I am also anxious to talk to Don's Commander~ Edward L. Bale, who might possibly remember my Dad. I sent him a letter last week, but I'm afraid I might have had the wrong address. I'd SO appreciate any information or help that anyone can give me! Thank you so much!

    • Col BaleEd Gilbert and Romain Cansiere, Wed Jul 20 02:11
      I (Ed) talk to the Colonel fairly frequently by phone, less often in person, but he often does not answer e-mails and such. It's just a consequence of being 96, or the e-mail may have gone into his... more
      • PFC Don PearsonDonna Pearson Werner, Wed Jul 20 07:54
        Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond and also for mentioning my father to Col Bale. The letter I wrote to him was never returned to me, so I'm hoping... more
        • Col BaleEd Gilbert, Wed Jul 20 14:06
          Talked to the Col today for a short while before lunch. He got the letter and will try and call you. Did not give a time - but like I said, he's 96!
          • PFC Don PearsonDonna Werner, Wed Jul 20 22:42
            Thank you so much! I appreciate your help. I hope he's feeling well.
    • Pvt. Don PearsonJon, Fri Jul 8 17:29
      Donna, Did you get in contact with Col. Bale? Do you have any pictures of your father from the war? I would be glad to include them on Tarawa On The Web. Jon Stevens
      • PFC. Don PearsonDonna Werner, Fri Jul 8 18:36
        Hi Jon~ I sent Col. Bale a letter and some pictures but I'm not sure if he got it because I only had his address and couldn't find his apt. #......which the Post Office thought I'd need. So I did... more
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