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George Proulx
Re: LVT photo
Fri Sep 16, 2016 00:46

Nothing new here Lawrence. LVT-1 #s 33, 39 and 27 'Short Timer' next to the short Burns-Philip pier at the east end of the Red Beach 3 initial foothold. This area was hard fought for the first two days and nights. The steel pillbox that supported the Japanese in this area is just over the seawall behind the Marine in the foreground. The long pier is in the distant background. I have a feeling that both #33 and #27 were hit by Marine howitzers attempting to evict Japanese occupants during the see-saw fighting that took place. I could be wrong about that however.

  • LVT photoLawrence P Gusman, Sun Sep 4 13:10
    Been awhile since I've checked in. I'm an administrator of a Vietnam Modelers site and it takes up a lot of time but I wanted to post this photo as it is a new one to me and perhaps to others on... more
    • Re: LVT photo — George Proulx, Fri Sep 16 00:46
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