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Jon Stevens
John Armstrong
Wed Oct 19, 2016 08:38

I am deeply saddened to learn this. I cannot open the link. Could you post the obit?

John was a Corpsman. PhM 2/C in C Company, 2nd Medical Battalion. You can read about him in the Living Tarawa Veterans Project compiled by John Oberg. Try this link:!A1


  • John ArmstongTina, Tue Oct 18 22:22
    Some of you may remember John from your interactions with him. I met him after he posted about getting to the 2ND Marine Ceremony in 2013. Not only did he have the opportunity to attend, but he... more
    • John ArmstrongNatalie, Fri Apr 21 13:27
      I am sorry to hear of his passing. It was my honor to talk to him about my great uncle Raymond Pickering who was killed on Tarawa and the impact Ray's death had on John's life. His memories of that... more
    • Re: John ArmstongWendell Perkins, Wed Oct 19 09:13
      Semper Fidelis, John. Rest in Peace!
    • John Armstrong — Jon Stevens, Wed Oct 19 08:38
      • John Herbert ArmstrongLawrence Gusman, Sun Nov 20 08:48
        Jon- I have posted this photo of Mr. Armstrong taken from his obituary and hope that this will be of interest to the members.
      • John ArmstongTina, Wed Oct 19 18:35
        I sorry Jon, not sure how I can post a picture. If you email me, I can send you photos. Such a great man; I truly enjoyed every conversation. John Herbert Armstrong, an architectural model maker for... more
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