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Ed Gilbert and Romain Cansiere
What at least a few did
Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:15

This was one of the questions we asked.Mostly they had duties to perform. The military is good at giving yiu something to occupy your mind and hands.

As in most operations the Marines, too nervous to sleep on the night before a landing, spent their time doing anything to kill the time. Bale recalled that Lieutenant Sheedy “…won a lot of money playing poker the night before we landed.”

Ed Bale recalled spending the final hours aboard ship checking and re-checking the condition of his tanks. Some like Harrell McNorton spent the final hours “Checking equipment, making sure that my tank COLORADO was ready for action.” Corporal Olaf Johnson vividly recalled the traditional steak and eggs breakfast, and the detailed “Check of .30cal coaxial, seventy-five millimeter breech, radio settings.” Joe Woolum also recalled the hearty breakfast, “…. but wasn’t very hungry.”

From "Tanks In Hell"

  • The eve of the battle...Lois D, Sat Nov 19 19:37
    Pondering what every man was thinking on this evening back in 1943, as they awaited to go ashore. Keeping every living Tarawa veteran in my prayers. Missing my late Dad, as I am sure others are... more
    • What at least a few did — Ed Gilbert and Romain Cansiere, Tue Nov 22 12:15
      • Nov 20Jim Crue, Wed Nov 23 07:10
        Every year during my dad long life he always said on Nov 20, " I know where I was on this day in 1943". He talked about the steak and eggs breakfast and getting his equipment ready before he got in... more
    • Corp. Joseph Mike Simonetti 339926 Michael J. Simonetti, Sun Nov 20 22:19
      F-2-2 KIA 11-20-43 Betio Tarawa Atoll Gilbert Islands Enl 6-Jan-42 Chicago, Il Original burial location: Cem.6 RA G20 Memorial Cross Location: Cem. 26 P1 G2 R1 Lone Palm Location: P2 R2 G2 (X 361)... more
      • CPL Joseph SimonettiFoundation, Mon Nov 21 09:01
        Mr. Simonetti, Just to assist you in your research, we can provide a few corrections to the information you have. Please contact us direct at our web site link at There is... more
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