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Clay Bonnyman Evans
Five more Tarawa KIA IDs
Sun Jan 8, 2017 12:19

For anyone who may be interested, on Jan. 6, 2017, the DPAA posted news released that the following individuals have been identified from among the remains recovered in the "Cemetery 27" area of Betio in 2015:

Cpl. Walter G. Critchley, F 2/8; East Norwich, N.Y.
GySgt. Sidney A. Cook, E 2/8; Hemlock Grove, Ohio.
2nd Lt. Ernest A. Matthews, HQ Company, HQ Battalion; Dallas, Texas.
Pfc. Larry R. Roberts, H Special Weapons Group 2nd Defense Battalion; Damascus, Ark.
Pfc. James O. Whitehurst, E 2/8; Ashford, Ala.

This brings the total official IDs to 34 (out of 46 recovered from the site).

History Flight continues to field teams on Betio, which have of late been focusing on the area of Cemetery 33.

    • HelloKim Righetti, Mon Jan 9 06:51
      I am so glad to hear that these guys will be returned to their families for a proper burial.
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