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Jon Stevens
Tue Mar 7, 2017 11:34


Can you show me where in the report you found this reference?


  • Radios, 'mu' or 'mp'?Peter McQuarrie, Wed Feb 8 15:26
    For some time I have been studying the subject of radio communications at the Battle of Tarawa and the various types of equipment used. I have been unable to locate any information about the... more
    • Radios — Jon Stevens, Tue Mar 7 11:34
      • hand-held radiosPeter McQuarrie, Tue Mar 7 15:02
        Please see: 2nd Marine Division After Action Report. "Reports of Battalion Commanders" 22 Dec 1943. Pages 39 of 68, 46 of 68, where MU and MP radios are mentioned.
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