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Radio again
Mon Mar 13, 2017 21:37

Sorry to bore you all with another radio question but here goes.

In the book "Bloody Tarawa" by Hammel & Lane it is stated (page106) that a TBX radio communicated with a TBS radio which was on an AMTRAC. But the TBX is a HF radio and the TBS is VHF so this could not have happened.

Some of the LVTs were fitted with RU-GF radios which were capable of communication with TBX sets as they had the same frequency band. I am wondering if some of the AMTRACs at Tarawa might have been fitted with RU-GF radios (as the tanks were)? This might explain how a TBX radio was able to communicate with an AMTRAC. Does anybody know if AMTRACs at Tarawa had radios?
Thanks, Peter.

    • Re: Radio againGeorge Proulx, Mon Mar 13 23:52
      Only a very few (3 or 4 I think) photos of all of the Amtracs show a radio antenna. I personally think that those tractors could very well have been fitted with RU-GF sets since those would probably... more
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