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Jim H.
Lone Palm Cemetery Location
Wed Mar 29, 2017 03:03

Does anyone know the exact location of Lone Palm Cemetery? I've tried searching TOTW and elsewhere, but for all the sources that mention it, I can't find anything beyond "west end of Betio." I assume it was on the north side of the extended runway, and close to Green Beach, but how could it's location be found today in person or by using Google Earth? Thanks to all for your help.

    • Re: Lone Palm Cemetery LocationAnonymous, Thu Jul 27 06:51
      Jim, Peter McQuarrie and I went through this about six months ago and I have some info. Contact me at and I will send you what I have. Regards, Brent Peterson
      • Lone PalmBrent Peterson, Thu Jul 27 06:52
        Didn't intend to post as anonymous...just forgot to fill in the box! Brent
    • Lone Palm LocationHistory Flight, Wed Jul 26 20:55
      Hi Jim, Lone Palm was south of the Japanese Search Light on GB, West of C-11 and well north of the runway. Hope that helps.
    • Lone Palm CemeteryBrent Peterson, Thu Mar 30 20:41
      "Tarawa's Grave Diggers" by Bill Niven
    • Tarawa's GravediggersBrent Peterson, Thu Mar 30 20:34
      Regarding the location of the Lone Palm Cemetery (and all others), this book should have the info that you seek.... more
    • Lone Palm LocationBrent Peterson, Thu Mar 30 07:48
      Jim H, I have some information that may help you; There is a book, "Gravediggers of Tarawa" that shows all of the cemetery locations. I have some of this information from my research in to the... more
      • Lone Palm CemeteryPeter McQuarrie, Thu Mar 30 19:32
        Hi Brent, I too would be interested any information you could send me about the location of Lone Palm Cemetery. A map of the location would be great. My address is I cant find any record of a book... more
        • Lone Palm CemeteryPeter McQuarrie, Thu Mar 30 19:34
          My address is
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