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Tarawa's Gravediggers
Thu Mar 30, 2017 20:34

Regarding the location of the Lone Palm Cemetery (and all others), this book should have the info that you seek.

  • Lone Palm Cemetery LocationJim H. , Wed Mar 29 03:03
    Does anyone know the exact location of Lone Palm Cemetery? I've tried searching TOTW and elsewhere, but for all the sources that mention it, I can't find anything beyond "west end of Betio." I assume ... more
    • Re: Lone Palm Cemetery LocationAnonymous, Thu Jul 27 06:51
      Jim, Peter McQuarrie and I went through this about six months ago and I have some info. Contact me at and I will send you what I have. Regards, Brent Peterson
      • Lone PalmBrent Peterson, Thu Jul 27 06:52
        Didn't intend to post as anonymous...just forgot to fill in the box! Brent
    • Lone Palm LocationHistory Flight, Wed Jul 26 20:55
      Hi Jim, Lone Palm was south of the Japanese Search Light on GB, West of C-11 and well north of the runway. Hope that helps.
    • Lone Palm CemeteryBrent Peterson, Thu Mar 30 20:41
      "Tarawa's Grave Diggers" by Bill Niven
    • Tarawa's Gravediggers — Brent Peterson, Thu Mar 30 20:34
    • Lone Palm LocationBrent Peterson, Thu Mar 30 07:48
      Jim H, I have some information that may help you; There is a book, "Gravediggers of Tarawa" that shows all of the cemetery locations. I have some of this information from my research in to the... more
      • Lone Palm CemeteryPeter McQuarrie, Thu Mar 30 19:32
        Hi Brent, I too would be interested any information you could send me about the location of Lone Palm Cemetery. A map of the location would be great. My address is I cant find any record of a book... more
        • Lone Palm CemeteryPeter McQuarrie, Thu Mar 30 19:34
          My address is
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