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Al Guerrero
Re: 2nd AMPTRAC Bn
Sun May 14, 2017 22:35

Hello Mr. Platt,
I just finished taking my research out of storage. I have an old contact number for 2nd Amphibian Tractor Battalion reunion group. Email me directly and I will send it to you.
The date on this letter is 2010.

Al Guerrero

  • 2nd AMPTRAC BnAL PLATT, Sat May 6 10:27
    I know it is a long shot and you have been inundated with requests, but I have been looking for years for anyone in the 2nd AMPTRAC Bn. who has survived and might have know my brother, Cpl Thomas F.... more
    • Cpl. Thomas Fenton Platt, Jr.galvanic365, Mon May 15 12:34
      Mr. Platt I have been researching Florida KIA/MIA USMC/USN who took part in Operation Galvanic (Betio/Tarawa) from 11/20/1943-11/27/1943. Using "Tarawa Grave Diggers" (Capt. William L. Niven) I found ... more
      • Tarawa, Your emailAL PLATT, Mon May 15 14:58
        Thank you for your interest in my for info on 2nd AMTRAC Tarawa. My brother Cpl. Thomas Fenton Platt, Jr. was KIA 11/20/1943, BAS USS Franklin Bell. My interest was to find someone still living ... more
    • Re: 2nd AMPTRAC Bn — Al Guerrero, Sun May 14 22:35
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