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Brian Algar
Looking in the wrong place
Tue Aug 15, 2017 01:16

Thank you Ed. I've passed your reply on to my folks to digest as my father is looking at doing some Dna research. I've thought about the fact that my granddad may not have survived Tarawa which would be disappointing although it doesn't mean we can't find some distant relatives and close a gap. We will move on anyway. bhalgar@ is my email if your wife would like to share some info we are very new to the whole thing and any info would be a help. All the best for your book.

  • You're looking in the wrong placeEd Gilbert, Wed Jul 12 04:45
    Since I gather there was no father's name on a birth certificate, that's your dead end. Genetic testing will likely be your best bet. I would suggest something like You are... more
    • Looking in the wrong place — Brian Algar, Tue Aug 15 01:16
    • sons of Tarawa veteransgodwintr, Wed Jul 12 08:25
      I agree with Ed. While not looking for my father, I found 'genetic' relatives in England and here in the states with my surname or a derivation of my surname after submitting my results to Family... more
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