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Picture on Big Island
Thu Sep 7, 2017 09:34

To add some history to this picture, adding the following link which has some names provided to me by PFC Henry J. Bohl in 1999. Captain Walker A. 'Tynes' took command of Easy Co after Tarawa. As many know, five of its six officers were KIA on Tarawa so all the ones here were new. Interestingly, Captain Tynes of Hq 2/2 was found on the south side of Betio on D+1 with 15 men of Easy by Jordan who had been sent over by Shoup. Easy Co was to land on the right side of Red2 at the boundary of Red1. The 1st platoon ended up with Ryan's orphans on the west end. My dad's squad of the 2nd platoon along with his Lt ended up going in on Red 1 as well driven there by heavy fire. Easy was hit hard. 166 men went in and 70% became casualties KIA/WIA. It was understandable that one runner had stated early on D day "I don't think E Company has got ten men left."

  • Re: Camp Tarawa Beachesgodwintr, Tue Sep 5 22:05
    Thank you, Nicole. Not sure if it will help more but here is another picture from the same day. A number of the officers from Easy Co. are in this picture.... more
    • Picture on Big Island — godwintr, Thu Sep 7 09:34
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