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Nicole Garcia
Beach Pictures
Tue Sep 12, 2017 14:47

The guys I talked to (born and raised in Waimea area and lived here during the days of Camp Tarawa) said that the beach in the picture is taken at Spencer Beach, close to Kawaihae. The rock wall in the far right background is no longer at Spencer Beach park and the Kiawe trees are now much bigger.

  • Camp Tarawagodwintr, Tue Aug 29 18:43
    Had a question on beaches on the big Island that Marines used while at Camp Tarawa for recreation. Many Marines talk of going down for a swim. The family of my father's platoon Sgt and I are looking... more
    • Beach Pictures — Nicole Garcia, Tue Sep 12 14:47
      • Beach Picturesgodwintr, Tue Sep 12 15:27
        Nicole, Thank you so much. I am glad I sent the other picture. We were relatively close in our guesses but it is really nice to know the exact beach. Very much appreciated!
    • Re: Camp TarawaNicole Garcia, Tue Sep 5 18:23
      I will show the picture to some of the people around here that have worked on and around the area during and after Camp Tarawa. I think someone will recognize it.
      • Re: Camp Tarawa Beachesgodwintr, Tue Sep 5 22:05
        Thank you, Nicole. Not sure if it will help more but here is another picture from the same day. A number of the officers from Easy Co. are in this picture.... more
        • Picture on Big Islandgodwintr, Thu Sep 7 09:34
          To add some history to this picture, adding the following link which has some names provided to me by PFC Henry J. Bohl in 1999. Captain Walker A. 'Tynes' took command of Easy Co after Tarawa. As... more
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