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Ed Gilbert
Wed Oct 18, 2017 19:57

75mm howitzers were often landed from Landing Craft Personnel Large to free up the larger LCVPs for other use. The 75mm was a mountain gun that could be disassembled and carried by men or mules, so the components could be lifted over the side of the boat.

Higgins was a company, not a type, though "Higgins boat" stuck to the LCVP. The LCP was the original civilian type, and the slightly bigger LCPL, and the modified LCP(R) were developed specifically for the Navy.

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  • Tarawa Landing CraftRuth Susmarski, Wed Oct 18 15:22
    My father was with a 75mm howitzer battery (E-2-10) at Guadalcanal and Tarawa. At Tarawa, he was aboard the USS J. FRANKLIN BELL and Battery E was boated and sent to Bairiki on Day Three. Can someone ... more
    • LCPL — Ed Gilbert, Wed Oct 18 19:57
      • Tarawa Landing Craft - LCPLRuth Susmarski, Thu Oct 19 14:29
        Thanks Ed, this helps. I've passed the info on to my brother.
        • LCPL/LCVPBrent Peterson, Fri Oct 20 07:24
          I believe that the LCPL is the early version of the LCVP. The LCPL did not have the front, retractable ramp as did the LCVP. Both models are Higgins Boats. At Tarawa, I think that the 10th Marines... more
          • LCPL/LCVPRuth Susmarski, Mon Oct 23 13:31
            Thanks for the additional details Brent. All the information I've received has been very helpful. This Forum is a real treasure!
            • USS FelandBrent Peterson, Mon Oct 23 14:09
              Vincent/Ruth, Wendell Perkins from A/1/6 was also aboard the Feland and frequents "Tarawa Talk". He is a great fellow and very nice to talk to.
          • LCPL/LCVP vincent carnaggio, Sat Oct 21 08:57
            The LCVP was the boat used most to land Marines at Tarawa.LCM for tanks or larger equipment. I was a boat crew member attached to the USS Feland. vcarnaggio
            • LVT Photossfreund61, Tue Oct 24 12:03
              Here are a few photos from the The WWII/Korea LVT (Landing Vehicle Tracked) Museum located in a Quonset hut style building at Camp Del Mar, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. These LVTs... more
              • LVT PhotosRuth Susmarski, Wed Oct 25 12:54
                Thanks for sharing these photos! Appreciate all the help and information I've received from everyone!
            • LCPL/LCVPRuth Susmarski, Mon Oct 23 13:26
              Thanks for this information Vincent, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERIVCE! A couple of years ago I was in contact with another fine Tarawa vet, Robert "Bob" Bollum, D-2-10, who was on the USS FELAND. Bob... more
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