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matt holly
RB2 photo??
Tue Nov 14, 2017 03:58

Are you sure to call this RB2?? This is WAY down the beach, I think this is in RB1 area. The dock is a LONG way off.

Also I located 3-4 LVT debris fields out on the reef west of Betio, where they drifted dead away from the battle at high tide, got hung up at low tide, and never moved again. The local divers called them "tanks" simple cause the tracks are all that remains. There is also a small fisherman's channels about a mile to the west with small breakers that also has LVT debris upon it on the west side, and I am sure a handful of USMC DOA's also floated out into the ocean past this area. Just some modern comments from the old photos.

  • Thought this might be of interest to the TOTW community.
    • RB2 photo?? — matt holly, Tue Nov 14 03:58
      • Re: RB2 photo??George E Proulx, Tue Nov 14 13:59
        Hi Matt, The photo is most definitely of the Red Beach Two salvage area. That is where almost all of the LVTs that could be moved were taken. Camera optics does give the impression that the pier in... more
        • Re: RB2 photo??Durk Steed, Tue Nov 14 23:03
          Here's another angle at low tide.
          • Re: RB2 photo??George E Proulx, Wed Nov 15 01:02
            Note the very large holes in the side of #1
    • Red Beach 2 Salvage AreaDick Nenahlo, Mon Nov 13 17:27
      Thanks so much, Durk! Are there any other photos of this area available? I'm searching for a photo of LVT-1 #25 which, I believe, may have been the LVT in which my uncle, Plt Sgt Barney Grommes (2nd... more
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