Red Beach 2 Salvage Area
Thu Nov 23, 2017 17:33

Gentlemen: It was my first impression at seeing the photo that the area is indeed Red Beach 2 and the photographer was facing west...away from the Main Pier. What appears to be the Pier in the distance is actually the "Bird's Beak" of Betio.

  • Re: RB2 photo??George E Proulx, Tue Nov 14 13:59
    Hi Matt, The photo is most definitely of the Red Beach Two salvage area. That is where almost all of the LVTs that could be moved were taken. Camera optics does give the impression that the pier in... more
    • Red Beach 2 Salvage Area — nenahlo, Thu Nov 23 17:33
      • Re: Red Beach 2 Salvage AreaGeorge E Proulx, Thu Nov 23 22:02
        You are quite correct if you are referring to the photo with tractor #11 in the foreground. Durk and I were also discussing another pic with tractor #2 in the frame and the long pier in the... more
    • Re: RB2 photo??Durk Steed, Tue Nov 14 23:03
      Here's another angle at low tide.
      • Re: RB2 photo??George E Proulx, Wed Nov 15 01:02
        Note the very large holes in the side of #1
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