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Ed Gilbert and Romain Cansiere
Routes to finding veterans
Sun Dec 10, 2017 16:38

You are fighting an uphill battle, but I'm sure you've already figured that out.

Based on interviews we've done over the course of three decades, most men in combat are pretty much unaware of what was going on 30meters away. It was even worse at Tarawa. Plus, based on experience, probably about one. 0.5% of the survivors are still alive. Also based on experience, much of what you will get from secondary sources is hearsay, some of it quite fanciful.

If you will drop me an e-mail, maybe I can suggest some organizations to help.

Ed Gilbert, PhD

All royalties go to the USMCR Toys For Tots charity.

  • Looking for Tarawa vetwrboone, Fri Dec 1 08:30
    I read with great interest this Tarawa discussion site and would like to contact any surving veteran to ask about their knowledge of that battle, and any memories of Pfc.Arnold Harrison USMC if they... more
    • Routes to finding veterans — Ed Gilbert and Romain Cansiere, Sun Dec 10 16:38
    • PFC Arnold Junior HarrisonFoundation, Fri Dec 1 09:52
      Good morning Dr. Boone, For comprehensive information on PFC Harrison, you may contact us direct at the email link above or on any of the contact links on our web site at Best... more
      • Re: PFC Arnold Junior HarrisonWilliam R Boone MD, Fri Feb 23 23:20
        I am pleased to announce that my cousinís body has been recovered, and will finally be laid to rest at the VA cemetery in Grand Prairie Texas on March 2. My family and I will be present at DFW... more
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