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Ed Gilbert and Romain Cansiere
Death of Ed Bale
Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:45

Colonel Ed Bale, USMC (ret.), died Thursday morning at a family member's home in Texas.

As a self-professed "young, green, ignorant lieutenant", he was the CO of Charlie Company, I Corps Medium Tank Battalion at Tarawa.He went on to be the CO of 1st Tank Battalion in the closing days of the Korean War, served a tour as the Chief of Staff, 1st MarDiv in Vietnam, and also served in senior staff positions at HQMC.

In addition to being a personal friend, we interviewed him several times, and he appeared in the TV series "Greatest Tank Battles, Pacific Tank Battles", Season 3, Episode 4:

    • Re: Death of Ed BaleWendell Perkins, Sun Dec 24 12:04
      Such sad news. Rest In Peace, Colonel, Semper Fidelis...
      • Death of Ed BaleHistory Flight, Tue Jan 2 22:00
        It is indeed very sad news Wendell. Col Bale’s and your generation are better people then the current crop of people in America. COL Bale’s passing makes you the most senior Marine and the last... more
        • Re: Death of Ed BaleWendell Perkins, Wed Jan 3 09:33
          As much as I'd like to join you on your return to Tarawa, I think it's wise for me to decline. I'm less agile and more fragile than I was when I was with you almost four years ago. Now, at 93, it... more
    • A salute to the ColonelCaptain Don Weiler, Sun Dec 24 09:11
      It was an honor meeting Colonel Bale and Ed Gilbert on a family visit to Katy, Texas, some years ago. Semper Fi
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