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Clay Bonnyman Evans
WWI Museum in New Orleans
Tue Jan 9, 2018 06:10

The exhibit on Tarawa, as with most of the exhibits in the Pacific Theater portion of the museum, is extremely well done in terms of visuals. However, by design, these exhibits are not detailed at the level you mention.

Essentially, there is a wall-size photo from the battle, a little bit of text and artifacts, two small interpretive signs about my grandfather (Alexander Bonnyman, Jr.) and another Medal of Honor recipient, William Bordelon.

There is no information on btns,, platoons or muster rolls on display, though it's possible the museum has some of this information kept elsewhere.

Hope that's helpful.

P.S. You can get muster rolls and other information by filing a request to the appropriate archives.

  • WWII Museum New Orleanshockstedler, Mon Jan 8 08:58
    Kim can you tell us if they provide unit information at the museum that describe the Battalions, and Platoons at different battles? Any mention of Muster Rolls so we know the names of the men in... more
    • WWII museum New OrleansTom Godwin, Tue Jan 9 09:48
      You can also access muster rolls through now. With membership of course. Indexes by names seem to only be posted in quarterly intervals. I could not get Nov 43 by just a name search. You ... more
    • WWI Museum in New Orleans — Clay Bonnyman Evans, Tue Jan 9 06:10
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