Tom Godwin
Nov 43 Muster roll
Thu Jan 11, 2018 22:34

Brent has some great info added. Here is the Nov 43 portion with Corp Hockstedler. Footnotes concatenated showing that he participated in active Operations on Betio. He left on Nov 24th on the USS Biddle. Did cursory look through the war years. He came in at Minneapolis Jan 42 and was transferred to San Diego. Last record in Apr 45 that I saw was that he was at San Pedro and was a Sergeant by then. A number of pages can be rough to read but he is in there... tg

  • Tom WWII museum New Orleans hockstedler, Tue Jan 9 23:25
    Tom for the Muster Rolls can you look up my dad I don't want to enrol with just to lookup one name? Thanks He was Earl Olaf Hockstedler, USMC 2nd Marine Div from Hopkins Minnesota. I... more
    • Nov 43 Muster roll — Tom Godwin, Thu Jan 11 22:34
      • My father listed below HockstedlerCortland D Joyce, Thu Jan 18 14:44
        Hi Bill, Just noting my father listed below yours at number 24. This is interesting to me as I thought he was a private during Galvanic and also that he was in H&S as he made a notation that he was L ... more
        • Cortland D Joyce'S FatherHockstedler, Sun Jan 21 08:38
          Cortland D Joyce please send me the pictures you mention of your dad as I would like to see if my dad as listed on the same muster rolls is in those photo's. if you want to email them use... more
        • H&S 2Jon Stevens, Fri Jan 19 09:15
          Cortland, See here: Were you in contact with Bill Haddad? Can you send me copies of the pictures? Thanks, Jon
          • Re: H&S 2Anonymous, Sat Jan 20 10:39
            Jon, Frank Johnston identified himself and several others in this photo. I think you may remember it from a post of mine some years back. Below is his recolection. These are some of the H&S 2... more
            • H&S 2Jon Stevens, Sun Jan 28 23:23
              Thanks Cortland. I gotta get this info on the website. I have looked through my files and apparently I did not save your pictures. Can you email them to me for inclusion on the website? Jon
              • Photos / JonCortland D Joyce, Wed Apr 18 11:11
                Hi John. Did you receive the photos I sent via email?
                • Joyce PhotosJon Stevens, Wed Apr 18 14:09
                  Cortland, Yes, I have them. I am wondering if JOhn Gross is in more than one photo. Kind of disappointed I did not see my dad's picture but it is great to have some H&S 2 pictures from Saipan. I... more
                  • HS Radio and Wire Section Photohockstedler, Fri Apr 20 02:36
                    Could you please send me the photos you are both speaking of in Saipan with eh H&S 2 Radio and / or Wire Section. I have been able to identify my father on the front row of a Tinian H&S2 Wire Section ... more
                  • John GrossCortland D Joyce, Thu Apr 19 14:49
                    I agree re Gross. Did you also notice the similarities that I mentioned? I'll try to put together some side by sides for your review.
            • Tinian Picture Man with Doghockstedler, Sat Jan 27 23:47
              I was recently told that the man in the front row with the dog was Bill Haddad. I have verified that this information is not correct. The man with the Dog is named Bill (his nickname) Bill (E.O.... more
              • H&S2 on TinianJon Stevens, Sun Jan 28 23:20
                Note there are two pictures of H&S2 on Tinian. One is the wire section and the 2nd is the radio section. That is absolutely Bill Haddad holding the dog with the Radio section. I assume the wire... more
                • P.F.C. William Haddad, H&S 2Cortland D Joyce, Fri Feb 2 15:18
                  In this photo, I believe the man next to Frank Johnston is the man in this photo.
                • Radio SectionCortland D Joyce, Mon Jan 29 19:32
                  I believe that the man second from the right in the standing row, is the man in the tent in this image.
                  • Radio Section PicturesJon Stevens, Tue Jan 30 10:15
                    I would agree with your identification. I will have to dig to see if I have any other names with the photo from Tinian. The photo from Tarawa with H&S2 communicators is kind of small and hard to... more
                • Helpful Pictureshockstedler, Sun Jan 28 23:41
                  Okay so posting all of these pictures was very helpful and will answer the question on the dog. The Wire Section Photo is a different person holding the dog instead of Bill Haddad. In the wires... more
            • Pictures Not ShowingJon Stevens, Sun Jan 21 21:15
              Cortland, Pictures are not coming through. The picture service says you need to upgrade. Jon
              • Image HostingCortland Joyce, Mon Jan 29 18:37
                Hi all. Sorry 'bout that. They showed up when I posted but I guess Photobucket changed their policy. Seeing about transferring via Google. Please stby.
            • More PhotosCortland Joyce, Sat Jan 20 10:43
              I'm pretty sure that the shirtless man is Weisbrod in this image.
              • Hello from KimKim Righetti, Sat Jan 27 20:00
                I can't get any photos. I get a grey square that says, " Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting". what does this mean?
              • More ImagesCortland Joyce, Sat Jan 20 10:50
    • Muster Roll InfoTom Godwin, Thu Jan 11 15:35
      In his record on the second page, there is a footnote "R". It reflects that he was onboard the USS Zeilin in Hawke's Bay awaiting orders for destination later in the month of October. I believe they... more
    • Re: Tom WWII museum New Orleans Tom Godwin, Thu Jan 11 15:28
      There are a number of muster rolls. When they started recording whole Battalions rather then just companies by Tarawa, the indexes only show up quarterly from what I've seen. Here is October muster... more
      • Muster Rolls, Thankshockstedler, Thu Jan 11 23:10
        Tom and Brent thank you very much for finding this. Yes he was born in Hopkins MN? so it makes sense that he would be recruited in Minneapolis prior to going to San Diego. He did also speak fondly of ... more
        • Col. David M. Shouphockstedler, Thu Jan 11 23:40
          My dad also did speak of working with Col. David M. Shoup. HE pointed him out and indicated some notes in the book that has the history of the 2nd Marine Division. My dad is in one of the pictures... more
          • H&S 2Jon Stevens, Fri Jan 12 08:52
            Some of these names match Regimental Communicators, H&S 2 Marines which was my dad's outfit. Please email me the pictures and names. See: Jon
            • Names on Flaghockstedler, Sat Jan 13 00:38
              Here are the names written in Black in on the flag and I will email the picture to The picture of Dad (Earl O. Hockstedler) was in the book Follow Me. John Von Breton,... more
              • H&S2Jon Stevens, Sat Jan 13 15:46
                Thanks! Take a look at TArawa on the Web for the H&S2 page. There are a couple pictures from Tinian as well. Jon
                • Found my Dad in the photohockstedler, Sat Jan 13 22:31
                  Jon the tiniam picture front row the guy holding the little white dag that is my dad. Do you have other photos of Tinian or Tawara and this unit? Where in this picture at Tinian is you dad?
                  • Tinian pictureJon Stevens, Fri Jan 19 09:21
                    So your dad is in the top picture of the "Wire Section"? Bill Haddad supplied the pictures. My dad was taken out on a stretcher on Tinian so he was not there for this picture. I understand that a... more
                • Re: H&S2hockstedler, Sat Jan 13 22:31
                  Jon the tiniam picture front row the guy holding the little white dag that is my dad. Do you have other photos of Tinian or Tawara and this unit? Where in this picture at Tinian is you dad?
      • PFC Earl O. HockstedlerBrent Peterson, Thu Jan 11 22:04
        PFC Earl O. Hockstedler was a 667 (Message Center/Communications Specialist) with the Head Quarters, Services and Weapons Company of the 2nd Marines Regiment,2nd Division led by Col. David M. Shoup.... more
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