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Cortland D Joyce'S Father
Sun Jan 21, 2018 08:38

Cortland D Joyce please send me the pictures you mention of your dad as I would like to see if my dad as listed on the same muster rolls is in those photo's. if you want to email them use

  • My father listed below HockstedlerCortland D Joyce, Thu Jan 18 14:44
    Hi Bill, Just noting my father listed below yours at number 24. This is interesting to me as I thought he was a private during Galvanic and also that he was in H&S as he made a notation that he was L ... more
    • Cortland D Joyce'S Father — Hockstedler, Sun Jan 21 08:38
    • H&S 2Jon Stevens, Fri Jan 19 09:15
      Cortland, See here: Were you in contact with Bill Haddad? Can you send me copies of the pictures? Thanks, Jon
      • Re: H&S 2Anonymous, Sat Jan 20 10:39
        Jon, Frank Johnston identified himself and several others in this photo. I think you may remember it from a post of mine some years back. Below is his recolection. These are some of the H&S 2... more
        • H&S 2Jon Stevens, Sun Jan 28 23:23
          Thanks Cortland. I gotta get this info on the website. I have looked through my files and apparently I did not save your pictures. Can you email them to me for inclusion on the website? Jon
          • Photos / JonCortland D Joyce, Wed Apr 18 11:11
            Hi John. Did you receive the photos I sent via email?
            • Joyce PhotosJon Stevens, Wed Apr 18 14:09
              Cortland, Yes, I have them. I am wondering if JOhn Gross is in more than one photo. Kind of disappointed I did not see my dad's picture but it is great to have some H&S 2 pictures from Saipan. I... more
              • HS Radio and Wire Section Photohockstedler, Fri Apr 20 02:36
                Could you please send me the photos you are both speaking of in Saipan with eh H&S 2 Radio and / or Wire Section. I have been able to identify my father on the front row of a Tinian H&S2 Wire Section ... more
              • John GrossCortland D Joyce, Thu Apr 19 14:49
                I agree re Gross. Did you also notice the similarities that I mentioned? I'll try to put together some side by sides for your review.
        • Tinian Picture Man with Doghockstedler, Sat Jan 27 23:47
          I was recently told that the man in the front row with the dog was Bill Haddad. I have verified that this information is not correct. The man with the Dog is named Bill (his nickname) Bill (E.O.... more
          • H&S2 on TinianJon Stevens, Sun Jan 28 23:20
            Note there are two pictures of H&S2 on Tinian. One is the wire section and the 2nd is the radio section. That is absolutely Bill Haddad holding the dog with the Radio section. I assume the wire... more
            • P.F.C. William Haddad, H&S 2Cortland D Joyce, Fri Feb 2 15:18
              In this photo, I believe the man next to Frank Johnston is the man in this photo.
            • Radio SectionCortland D Joyce, Mon Jan 29 19:32
              I believe that the man second from the right in the standing row, is the man in the tent in this image.
              • Radio Section PicturesJon Stevens, Tue Jan 30 10:15
                I would agree with your identification. I will have to dig to see if I have any other names with the photo from Tinian. The photo from Tarawa with H&S2 communicators is kind of small and hard to... more
            • Helpful Pictureshockstedler, Sun Jan 28 23:41
              Okay so posting all of these pictures was very helpful and will answer the question on the dog. The Wire Section Photo is a different person holding the dog instead of Bill Haddad. In the wires... more
        • Pictures Not ShowingJon Stevens, Sun Jan 21 21:15
          Cortland, Pictures are not coming through. The picture service says you need to upgrade. Jon
          • Image HostingCortland Joyce, Mon Jan 29 18:37
            Hi all. Sorry 'bout that. They showed up when I posted but I guess Photobucket changed their policy. Seeing about transferring via Google. Please stby.
        • More PhotosCortland Joyce, Sat Jan 20 10:43
          I'm pretty sure that the shirtless man is Weisbrod in this image.
          • Hello from KimKim Righetti, Sat Jan 27 20:00
            I can't get any photos. I get a grey square that says, " Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting". what does this mean?
          • More ImagesCortland Joyce, Sat Jan 20 10:50
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