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Helpful Pictures
Sun Jan 28, 2018 23:41

Okay so posting all of these pictures was very helpful and will answer the question on the dog. The Wire Section Photo is a different person holding the dog instead of Bill Haddad. In the wires section the guy holding the dog is my dad.

In the Radio Section Photo I accept that that is a different person that my dad perhaps Bill Haddad. So they took turns holding the dog for each photo. I am glad we got that resolved. So once again the fellow holding the dog in Wire Section Photo was my dad Earl O. Hockstedler or AKA E.O Hockstedler, also AKA Bill Hockstedler

  • H&S2 on TinianJon Stevens, Sun Jan 28 23:20
    Note there are two pictures of H&S2 on Tinian. One is the wire section and the 2nd is the radio section. That is absolutely Bill Haddad holding the dog with the Radio section. I assume the wire... more
    • P.F.C. William Haddad, H&S 2Cortland D Joyce, Fri Feb 2 15:18
      In this photo, I believe the man next to Frank Johnston is the man in this photo.
    • Radio SectionCortland D Joyce, Mon Jan 29 19:32
      I believe that the man second from the right in the standing row, is the man in the tent in this image.
      • Radio Section PicturesJon Stevens, Tue Jan 30 10:15
        I would agree with your identification. I will have to dig to see if I have any other names with the photo from Tinian. The photo from Tarawa with H&S2 communicators is kind of small and hard to... more
    • Helpful Pictures — hockstedler, Sun Jan 28 23:41
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