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Tom Godwin
Japanese Hospital at Tarawa
Sun Feb 18, 2018 19:25

Thank you, George. Appreciate it. I thought the Japanese might have used something different than a red cross but , indeed, I did find a few references and it makes sense. I have been on somewhat of an odyssey to find the exact location of my father’s group for quite a while. I believe I know but looking for an absolute. Some may have read the story of a ‘platoon’ from Easy 2/2 that ended up in an isolated location on Red 1 (instead of landing on Red2). It’s documented in one fashion or another in a number of books and reports. It was not a platoon but one amtrac out of three in a platoon lead by 2ndLt Donald R. Dahlgren (KIA/MIA). Twenty men fought there alone inland a ways until the evening of the 22nd when they finally got out as the 3/2 and the 1/8 closed in. I was hoping to locate the ‘hospital’ as I am fairly sure of the vicinity and I know they were near what they thought was one. Have searched aerials like the link below until I am almost blind. Have also been searching for a picture of the amtrac which was given to my dad in Hawaii. It is currently lost as well. Maybe one day. Thank you again sir.

  • Japanese HospitolGeorge E Proulx, Sun Feb 18 15:02
    There was a very large sand covered concrete structure on Red One a little west of the aircraft revetments. Perhaps the men saw a red cross sign at one of the rear entrances. Other smaller bunkers in ... more
    • Japanese Hospital at Tarawa — Tom Godwin, Sun Feb 18 19:25
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