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Tom Godwin
LVT in crater Red 1 ?
Sat Feb 24, 2018 13:43

George - I know you are one of a few LVT experts up here. Would like and opinion of an object I believe is an LVT in a crater to the west of the sand covered bunker on Red 1. For reference , in two separate pictures, I have used a yellow arrow to identify an inlet (horseshoe shape) on Red 1 between two covered privies. One picture (#30) looking west shows what I believe is the LVT lying at angle in the sand. The other (#83), looking east, shows a large crater in what I believe is the same spot. You cannot see the 'LVT' in this pic but there is sand piled up on the west side of the crater. You will have to enlarge both to see. If you cannot see the crater or the 'object', I'll try to enhance the contrast with photoshop. Would appreciate input from you or others who are knowledgeable in this area.

    • LVT-31Al Guerrero, Tue Feb 27 22:31
      Hello Tom, George and Durk, Outstanding photos and research going on here! I am impressed Tom with the research you are doing. LVT-31, I believe was on the Virgo and was meant for RED-2 but was... more
      • LVT Tarawa database?Matt Holly, Wed Feb 28 23:23
        Hello AL! Please get hold of me at I have found a number of dead LVTs on the western reef, presumed DOA and drifted away during the battle. I would be curious to help complete a database. Matt
        • LVT DatabaseAl Guerrero, Thu Mar 1 16:40
          Hello Matt, You can email me at the following: lets talk. Al
      • Re: LVT-31Tom Godwin, Wed Feb 28 09:57
        Hi Al. I had seen that ‘fuzzy darker shadow’ and wondered. I never enlarged it enough but that’s the LVT looking east for sure! After seeing Durk’s pictures, my questions have been - Is LVT-31 the... more
        • Re: LVT-31Al Guerrero, Thu Mar 1 21:29
          Tom, You are researching what I have been researching for awhile now. Durk's photo is excellent, Thanks Durk!!! Durk, Have you received the info I sent to you?? It is hard to say if this is the... more
      • Re: LVT-31George E Proulx, Wed Feb 28 01:33
        Welcome back Al !!!!
      • Re: LVT-31Anonymous, Tue Feb 27 23:01
    • INLET ?matt holly, Mon Feb 26 03:09
      Hey guys, I don't think the item listed as an INLET is an inlet, as none exist on this beach, and I believe it was the remnants of a large bomb crater hole slowly filling in. It is a great reference... more
      • Re: InletTom Godwin, Mon Feb 26 21:35
        Probably correct, Matt. Only word that popped into my head as far as a descriptive reference...
    • Re: LVT in crater Red 1 ?George E Proulx, Sun Feb 25 01:02
      I certainly concur with what you have found Tom. Zooming in on the hi-res pic, one can clearly see the features of the LVT-1 topside and also the leaning attitude of the vehicle in the crater. Great... more
      • Re: LVT in crater Red 1 ?Tom Godwin, Sun Feb 25 05:43
        Thank you George. Due to its location, I don't think it is my dad's. Now I believe that at least two LVTs went into a crater off of Red1. Documentation refers to men of E22 fighting in a crater on... more
    • LVT 31Durk Steed, Sat Feb 24 21:45
      Tom, George will surely have valuable input on this shared photo. LVT 31 could be the LVT you have spotted in the crater. Thanks, Durk... more
      • Re: LVT 31Tom Godwin, Mon Feb 26 21:56
        Durk, I’ve really been digging into your pictures of LVT-31. I’m not certain it is the same as the one I spotted in the pic but I am continuing to research as PFC Yancey drew me a picture of the... more
      • Re: LVT 31Tom Godwin, Sun Feb 25 05:23
        Durk, These are pretty unique pictures. In FOLD3, the hand-drawn pictures of battle damage on the LVTs have no picture of 31 and all the USMC pictures I've seen post battle do not have 31 either.
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