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Tom Godwin
Re: LVT in crater Red 1 ?
Sun Feb 25, 2018 05:43

Thank you George. Due to its location, I don't think it is my dad's. Now I believe that at least two LVTs went into a crater off of Red1. Documentation refers to men of E22 fighting in a crater on Red 1 in many books on D-Day. I believe this could be men of 1st platoon E22. One extract below.

The Battle for Tarawa- Stockman

At 0922 2d Battalion, 2d Marines, reach Beach Red 2. From the reef on in, the assault companies were under heavy anti-boat-gun and machine- gun fire. Company E, less one platoon, managed to reach the right half of Red 2 but enemy fire was so intense that only a shallow foothold on the western part of the beach could be established. The 1st Platoon of E Company was driven off its course on the way in and became separated from the rest of the company. This platoon landed over on Beach Red 1 under heavy fire and took refuge in a large bomb crater. From this crater, the platoon engaged nearby enemy strongpoints but could not move from its position to join its parent company or elements of 3d Battalion, 2d Marines to its right.

  • Re: LVT in crater Red 1 ?George E Proulx, Sun Feb 25 01:02
    I certainly concur with what you have found Tom. Zooming in on the hi-res pic, one can clearly see the features of the LVT-1 topside and also the leaning attitude of the vehicle in the crater. Great... more
    • Re: LVT in crater Red 1 ? — Tom Godwin, Sun Feb 25 05:43
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