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George E Proulx
Re: Tank
Mon Feb 26, 2018 19:03

Not sure what you're trying to say sir but I just thought I'd post the #83 pic with what I can see. First, the orange outlined arrows show where the Sherman tank named COMMANDO came ashore (you can see the tracks in the sand) and then where it is when the pic was taken. The tank continued thru the trees until it was hit several times by 37mm guns from Green Beach. The tank caught fire and burned out. The four red lines show the 75mm gun battery facing the Marines. The blue line indicates the twin 13.2mm machine gun on the point. Note the bodies of several Marines along the exposed sand spit off shore. Two yellow lines point to the two 147mm coast defense guns still aiming at the invasion fleet. The green lines point to the two 127mm AA guns on Black Beach One. Finally the large white arrow indicates where 1/6 landed on Green Beach North and the smaller white arrow points to the large sand covered concrete blockhouse on Red Beach One that was one of the last positions to fall during the battle.

  • TankRoy Johnson, Mon Feb 26 13:59
    Looking for a high-resolution photo of the tank that Sergeant Roy Johnson took out on red beach one if you look at the looks like a tree stump in front of it you’ll see and LVT the one just below it... more
    • Re: Tank — George E Proulx, Mon Feb 26 19:03
      • tankRoy , Mon Feb 26 23:27
        /Users/johnsonwaverider/Desktop/New Tarawa photos/IMG_1843.JPGI am attaching a photo. I hope it will go through. The 6 LVT from the top down, my Uncle Sargent Roy Johnson was on. If you look where... more
        • No picGeorge E Proulx, Tue Feb 27 00:40
          Try creating an account with IMGUR. It is a free photo hosting service and easy to use.
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