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Tom Godwin
Re: LVT 31
Mon Feb 26, 2018 21:56

Durk, Iíve really been digging into your pictures of LVT-31. Iím not certain it is the same as the one I spotted in the pic but I am continuing to research as PFC Yancey drew me a picture of the amtrac in the crater along with some of the positions the other Marines took. He had the amtrac on the right or west side inside the crater. The Ďhospitalí was at the 6 oíclock position behind them and he described a pillbox above and to the right of the trac; clearly this location has nothing but beach behind them and Lonnie stated the revetments were in front of them. I did get information from the government which stated that the amtrac which is still above ground today, unearthed in 79, was just west of the bunker George mentioned and not too far from the water line in 1943 so maybe the aerial is showing that? Consequently, Iím still searching these pics for my dadís. Do you by any chance have any provenance associated with your pictures of LVT-31? I know my father was given a picture of his trac in Hawaii but it was unfortunately lost.

  • LVT 31Durk Steed, Sat Feb 24 21:45
    Tom, George will surely have valuable input on this shared photo. LVT 31 could be the LVT you have spotted in the crater. Thanks, Durk... more
    • Re: LVT 31 — Tom Godwin, Mon Feb 26 21:56
    • Re: LVT 31Tom Godwin, Sun Feb 25 05:23
      Durk, These are pretty unique pictures. In FOLD3, the hand-drawn pictures of battle damage on the LVTs have no picture of 31 and all the USMC pictures I've seen post battle do not have 31 either.
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