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Tom Godwin
Re: LVT-31
Wed Feb 28, 2018 09:57

Hi Al. I had seen that ‘fuzzy darker shadow’ and wondered. I never enlarged it enough but that’s the LVT looking east for sure! After seeing Durk’s pictures, my questions have been - Is LVT-31 the same one in the aerials west of the sand-covered bunker? (George mentioned ‘nose down’) . Is LVT-31 the one unearthed as found in 79? General observations: Starboard gun mount not in same ’exact’ location as one in 79. Above crater foliage and palms appear close in one of Durk’s pictures. Following #80 series aerial photos around, seems to be open and sandy for a ways. Palm leaves are mirrored in the water at bottom of crater too in both pics. Not a refraction expert but I would think they were either close or really tall if LVT-31 is the one in the aerials. Given information I've chewed on some, I believe we have two LVTs that went into craters. Thoughts most certainly welcomed.

  • LVT-31Al Guerrero, Tue Feb 27 22:31
    Hello Tom, George and Durk, Outstanding photos and research going on here! I am impressed Tom with the research you are doing. LVT-31, I believe was on the Virgo and was meant for RED-2 but was... more
    • LVT Tarawa database?Matt Holly, Wed Feb 28 23:23
      Hello AL! Please get hold of me at I have found a number of dead LVTs on the western reef, presumed DOA and drifted away during the battle. I would be curious to help complete a database. Matt
      • LVT DatabaseAl Guerrero, Thu Mar 1 16:40
        Hello Matt, You can email me at the following: lets talk. Al
    • Re: LVT-31 — Tom Godwin, Wed Feb 28 09:57
      • Re: LVT-31Al Guerrero, Thu Mar 1 21:29
        Tom, You are researching what I have been researching for awhile now. Durk's photo is excellent, Thanks Durk!!! Durk, Have you received the info I sent to you?? It is hard to say if this is the... more
    • Re: LVT-31George E Proulx, Wed Feb 28 01:33
      Welcome back Al !!!!
    • Re: LVT-31Anonymous, Tue Feb 27 23:01
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