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Tom Godwin
E22 References to Red 1
Thu Mar 1, 2018 09:04

If of interest, these are the extracts from books re: E22 elements on Red 1. Other documentation shows that 1 platoon of Easy (the 1st Plt) , 1 from G and two from H all fought with Ryan's orphans. Not all sources were given but many referred to Action Reports. Also attaching cover page showing enclosures for reports. NARA gave up sending me info and I never got to enclosure L. Citation for access (in case anyone gets there) at NARA is :

Record Group 127: Records of the US Marine Corps, Entry A1 1051: Records Relating to United States Marine Corps Operations in World War II ('Geographic Area Files'), Gilbert Island Campaign, A7-1 2nd Marine Division, SAR Jan. 6, 1944 located at the National Archives in College Park.

If you read the extracts, you will note that one group got over to Red 1 at the 'extreme left' of Red 1 at boundary of Red2. This is where I had originally understood the unearthed LVT-1 was at on Tarawa. 1 trac of the 2nd Platoon got to Red 1 as well under Lt Dahlgren. This is the second LVT I have spoken too. I am inclined to believe that the 1st Platoon was under Lt Beck given where Lt Culp was found.

Al - Not sure how to contact you directly outside this forum...

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      Hey guys, I have an analysis of why the Marines ended up divided on this common approach, between RB1 and RB2 and should write a short story about it. It is a work in progress, so maybe within a few... more
    • Re: E22 References to Red 1George E Proulx, Thu Mar 1 16:38
      Hi Tom, I am 70 years old now and having 'studied' this battle for most of my adult life I can appreciate the work we share at trying to understand all of the action. Knowing that the "extreme left"... more
      • Re: E22 Reference to Red 1Tom Godwin, Thu Mar 1 19:11
        Understand, respect and appreciate that 100% sir. As it stands, I'm certain that they fought from a crater. Hand-drawn picture from Lonnie, my father's citation, even a bond drive transcript from... more
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