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Tom Godwin
Re: E22 Reference to Red 1
Thu Mar 1, 2018 19:11

Understand, respect and appreciate that 100% sir. As it stands, I'm certain that they fought from a crater. Hand-drawn picture from Lonnie, my father's citation, even a bond drive transcript from Capt Tynes who led Easy on Saipan all reference a crater in a remote position. According to Lonnie, near the revetments. This area was a death trap without a doubt. Always figured that is why help did not come until the evening of the 22nd or 54 hours according to my father. I continue to scan the pics. Actually have found a couple of things. Pic 113b is a good reference of the 'boundary'. I thought it was after the battle with no time/date stamp. I don't think so now as the radio station just past the eastern revetments is still standing. Any way, another red arrow marks a spot/object. There are a couple of other vehicles/objects on the left. Lots of tracks too. Lonnie said they landed near 'over-water pilings'. I think he meant the privies. I haven't given up yet. Thank you for your replies George and the good work you all have put in here on TOTW over the years. Best to you....

  • Re: E22 References to Red 1George E Proulx, Thu Mar 1 16:38
    Hi Tom, I am 70 years old now and having 'studied' this battle for most of my adult life I can appreciate the work we share at trying to understand all of the action. Knowing that the "extreme left"... more
    • Re: E22 Reference to Red 1 — Tom Godwin, Thu Mar 1 19:11
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