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Al Guerrero
Re: LVT-31
Thu Mar 1, 2018 21:29


You are researching what I have been researching for awhile now. Durk's photo is excellent, Thanks Durk!!! Durk, Have you received the info I sent to you??
It is hard to say if this is the buried LVT unearthed in '79, It is mentioned that an LVT was found buried "200 yrds inland from Red-2" unless engineers filled in the shoreline 150 yrds out into the lagoon. LVT-31 may be that LVT. LVT-31 is not in the drawn LVT damaged reports, but these reports may have been the LVTs towed to the collection area off of Red-2, LVT-31 could not have been towed out of the shellhole without heavy equipment.
In the book "76 hours" in states: (I will paraphrase)
PlSgt Randell Johnson amtrac found a gap on Red-2 but he only got 50 yards inland, before he knew it, his amtrac was taking fire from all sides. He ordered the driver to return to the beach, the amtrac turned and went less than 20 yards when it went nose first into a deep shellhole. the amtrac was stuck and everyone bailed out, and ran back to the beach.
There was also a hand drawn map showing a amtrac found buried somewhere near the command bunker.

I also believe there are two buried LVT's.


  • Re: LVT-31Tom Godwin, Wed Feb 28 09:57
    Hi Al. I had seen that ‘fuzzy darker shadow’ and wondered. I never enlarged it enough but that’s the LVT looking east for sure! After seeing Durk’s pictures, my questions have been - Is LVT-31 the... more
    • Re: LVT-31 — Al Guerrero, Thu Mar 1 21:29
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