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matt holly
RB1 and RB2 divide, a story...
Thu Mar 1, 2018 23:13

Hey guys, I have an analysis of why the Marines ended up divided on this common approach, between RB1 and RB2 and should write a short story about it. It is a work in progress, so maybe within a few months I will publish it for your review and critic!

Matt Holly

  • E22 References to Red 1Tom Godwin, Thu Mar 1 09:04
    If of interest, these are the extracts from books re: E22 elements on Red 1. Other documentation shows that 1 platoon of Easy (the 1st Plt) , 1 from G and two from H all fought with Ryan's orphans.... more
    • RB1 and RB2 divide, a story... — matt holly, Thu Mar 1 23:13
    • Re: E22 References to Red 1George E Proulx, Thu Mar 1 16:38
      Hi Tom, I am 70 years old now and having 'studied' this battle for most of my adult life I can appreciate the work we share at trying to understand all of the action. Knowing that the "extreme left"... more
      • Re: E22 Reference to Red 1Tom Godwin, Thu Mar 1 19:11
        Understand, respect and appreciate that 100% sir. As it stands, I'm certain that they fought from a crater. Hand-drawn picture from Lonnie, my father's citation, even a bond drive transcript from... more
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