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George E Proulx
Re: Tank 95
Wed Mar 7, 2018 18:17

Roy I am trying to understand your directions. What do you mean by "4 round circles") Are you referring to the 4 Japanese 75mm gun positions near the Bird's Beak? If so, in what direction should we look for the "bomb crater" you mention? East toward the Red Beach Two or South along Green Beach?

  • Tank 95Roy, Wed Mar 7 14:21
    Looking for help on the birds beak if you look at the 4 round circles at the end you’ll see a LVT and then a strip of beach in front of it if you go up to hundred yards you’ll see a bomb crater if... more
    • Re: Tank 95 — George E Proulx, Wed Mar 7 18:17
      • Tank Roy, Thu Mar 8 00:00
        Yes at the end of that 75 mm guns going towards read beach 2 you will see what looks like a tree trunk in front of the tree trunks with two LVT in front of it going towards going towards black beach... more
        • Re: Tank George E Proulx, Thu Mar 8 01:29
          The tank I see in that area as I point out with the bent orange trimmed arrow is a Sherman That I believe is COMMANDO. In the haze to its left may be a Japanese HaGo given the size and shape but that ... more
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