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George E Proulx
Re: Tank
Thu Mar 8, 2018 01:29

The tank I see in that area as I point out with the bent orange trimmed arrow is a Sherman That I believe is COMMANDO. In the haze to its left may be a Japanese HaGo given the size and shape but that would not make sense I guess unless it was deemed not operational and posed no threat at the time. Still, I Would expect COMMANDO to destroy and Japanese tank it encountered so I am probably wrong about the shape and all. Is COMMANDO the tank you see as a HaGo?

  • Tank Roy, Thu Mar 8 00:00
    Yes at the end of that 75 mm guns going towards read beach 2 you will see what looks like a tree trunk in front of the tree trunks with two LVT in front of it going towards going towards black beach... more
    • Re: Tank — George E Proulx, Thu Mar 8 01:29
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