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Tom Godwin
Fri Apr 13, 2018 20:11

George - I only see one muzzle but the mount looks like it could support twins and just hidden? The back says 20mm??? Not an area I'm familiar with but thought I'd throw it your way.

  • Twin mount 13.2mm guns?George E Proulx, Sat Mar 10 12:47
    I understand that there were four twin mount 13.2mm heavy machine-guns found on the island. One on the 'Birds Beak'. One over at Red Beach Three where the two airfield 'taxiways' met at the triangle... more
    • 13.2? — Tom Godwin, Fri Apr 13 20:11
      • Re: 13.2?George E Proulx, Sat Apr 14 00:45
        Your posted link does not open Tom.
      • Link Update 13.2Tom Godwin, Fri Apr 13 21:24
        Had to update link...
        • Re: Link Update 13.2George E Proulx, Sat Apr 14 01:28
          Yeah Tom it is one of the single pedestal mounted 13.2mm Heavy Machine-Guns on the island. This one is fitted with a damaged thin splinter shield. Others of course were emplaced in pits protected by... more
    • Re Photos at TarawaTom Godwin, Wed Mar 14 10:37
      George, I have looked at hundreds of photos of Tarawa in search of but one for over a year now. The two best online groupings that I have seen, as I'm sure you have too, are Scott Freund's posts on... more
      • Re: Re Photos at TarawaGeorge E Proulx, Wed Mar 14 13:34
        Thanks Tom. The link does display some pics from Tarawa. One or two mis-captioned. However as you say none of what I seek. Guess I'll keep trying. LOL Regards, George
        • NARA Tarawa ListTom Godwin, Wed Mar 14 14:19
          In case you or someone you know gets to NARA, here is info on their Gilbert Islands collection. There is a "Captured Weapons" folder.... more
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