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Tom Godwin
Re: Nimitz Tour
Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:18

Had to clean that pic up but yes. Interesting as it was just after bombardment. Searching through groups of civilian photographers at Tarawa now; Don Senick 20th Century Fox, Frank Filan AP, and Johnny Florea of Time Life. Florea was with dive bombers. Can't provide link for some reason but if go to Google Arts and Culture and search on Tarawa, a couple of hundred pics show up. If you search on Saipan, about 900! I know a picture of my dad's LVT was taken on Tarawa. In fact, I cannot rule out LVT-31 being theirs. At least 3 fell into craters. One on R2 and two on R1. One Marine with my dad stated 3 casualties and another stated the machine gunner, the LVT operator and a flamethrower were KIA. The latter descriptions do not include two Marines in their unit from E-2/2 - 2LT Dahlgren and PVT Emil Ragucci. The search goes on...

  • Nimitz tourDurk Steed, Tue Apr 17 09:19
    Thanks for posting this link, Tom. Some great hi-res photos in this grouping. The aerial of the "bird's beak" is particularly interesting. There appears to be a light tank on Red 1 beach, possibly a... more
    • Re: Nimitz Tour — Tom Godwin, Wed Apr 18 10:18
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