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Tom Godwin
Re: Bronze Star ADR
Wed Apr 18, 2018 14:30

Ruth, I am no expert but have been down this path before. My dad's American Defense ribbon and the suspension on his medal both have a single bronze star. There is a very good review of this at :

Interestingly, my dad's records in his OMPF show American Defense "A". Supposedly, an "A" device was for service on a vessel during the period of authorization. He was on the USS Pennsylvania BB-38 during that period but his vessel doesn't show up on the attached list in the link. Interestingly, it says here that Marines serving in Iceland were authorized for the Fleet Clasp to be worn on the suspension ribbon of the medal. Stars were to designate the clasp on the ribbon as I understand it but my dad's, again, has a bronze star on both. It appears to be somewhat a more complicated history than other awards as you might read here. Hope this helps.

  • Bronze Star on American Defense RibbonRuth Susmarski, Tue Apr 17 13:39
    This question is not specific to Tarawa, but my Dad has one bronze star on his American Defense Ribbon. Can anyone tell me what it represents? Dad served in Iceland and was there when Pearl Harbor... more
    • Re: Bronze Star ADR — Tom Godwin, Wed Apr 18 14:30
      • Bronze Star ADRRuth Susmarski, Thu Apr 19 15:04
        Thanks for the excellent information, Tom. I've printed out a copy from the link you provided here at the library and will read through everything tonight and share it with my brother. I knew this... more
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